Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up The Volume

Music is behind some of the most important events in our lives. Years down the line, memories of family barbeques, break-ups, and that time you laughed so hard you thought your stomach was going to explode, can be triggered when you hear a particular song. Even after hearing a song for the first time, raw emotions can easily conjure up in us. Old school tunes can have the same effect. The timelessness of these songs can fit whatever mood you’re in and be the perfect soundtrack to unforgettable memories.

1.) Sing Along

All coming of age movies prove that an adventure is nothing without a song the whole squad knows and can scream out the lyrics to in off-pitched harmony. Those songs are a must-have to begin a memorable time with friends.

A song that has remained a staple in K-pop history is single “Perfect Man” by Shinhwa. Old generation fans know it as one of the hottest songs of 2002 awarding the Perfect Man album a Bonsang win from Golden Disk Awards. Newer fans may recognize the tune from being covered by top K-pop artists 4Minute, U-Kiss, BTS, and more. Its’ relatable emotional lyrics featuring a lively beat make it the perfect song to sing out your feelings to while grooving with friends.

2.) Summer Anthem

For some, summer is associated with bugs, heat waves, and unbearable humidity. But for others, it marks an exciting time of adventure riding carnival rides, scarfing down delectable ice cream, and road trips.

Seo Yeon’s “In Summer” vibrantly describes summer as a time of finding love and happiness. The accompanying music video takes place on a tranquil beach, making you dream of being there. The energetic choreography featured in the video makes it impossible to not want to get up and dance and enjoy a summer breeze.

3.) Feeling Blue

“Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee is one of the most hypnotizing songs you will ever listen to. Congo drums and Jonghyun’s honeyed vocals introduced at just one second into the intro can give you an idea of the intensity of this track. This 2009 catchy hit is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and distract you from your woes.

However, times where it’s hard to express how you feel, music can speak volumes. Queen of K-pop BoA released a somber goosebump-inducing song on her second album in 2002. Give a listen to “Waiting” when you need a relaxing tune to “feel your feelings.”

4.) Night Out

Getting ready for the unforgettable chance to see your bias in concert? Sechs Kies has just the song to launch you into a day of nothing but excitement. “Party Time,” as the name implies, is just the jam to start the pre-party on your way to dance and scream out fan chants louder than the speakers!

5.) Work It!

Some of those unfamiliar with K-pop have been introduced to the genre after spotting some of the most famously-fit bodies in K-pop, such as KARD’s BM, GOT7’s Jackson, and Amber of f(x). The key to these idols’ inspiring success comes from pumping iron at their local gyms. Realistically, though, working out can seem like a chore; but with the right playlist, you will be lifting like Monsta X’s Wonho in no time!

Known for breaking the rules to set themselves apart from the greedy music industry, Seo Taiji and Boys released a metal-style headbanger titled “Classroom Idea.” The mix of rap and intense rock is sure to fuel you to conquer your last rep.

6.) Love is In the Air

If you recently experienced symptoms including butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, and uncontrollable smiling; there is a chance you may have been infected by an airborne condition called love. This ailment takes victims by the millions, is highly contagious, and is known to make sufferers aglow with happiness.

Unfortunately, love isn’t always roses and chocolates, so we recommend Lee Hyori’s “One Two Three N’ Four” to cure any headaches that are 100% guaranteed to come along with love. The heartwarming lyrics remind you of the first time two lovers met and the heart-fluttering moment when you confessed your love. Although the hit was released in 2003, the bubbly melody still resonates with love birds of today.

Listening to these songs will take you on a nostalgic journey reminding you of the power music has to never go out of style. Rather, many of these old school artists are the inspiration behind the unique sound of our favorite new generation idols. Next time you plug in the aux cord, give these classics a listen and pump up the volume!

Written by Serena Jackson

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