Ppushu Ppushu To The Limit Limit!

Ppushu Ppushu To The Limit Limit!

When I was in elementary school, my classmates brought all sorts of snacks to eat during recess, from chips to fruit pieces. One of the most memorable snacks was ramen. I was confused as to how they were going to cook and eat the ramen before the ten-minute break was over. Turns out, they didn’t need to cook their snack at all! What my classmates did was crush up the ramen noodles in the packet, added the seasoning packet, gave the packet a good shake, and ate it just like that. A packet of ramen was not made to be eaten as a dry snack; however, Ottogi’s Ppushu Ppushu noodle snack was made for this specific purpose.

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In 1999, Ppushu Ppushu made its debut as one of the very first snacks of its kind. Some enjoy this quick snack by itself while others enjoy pairing it with a glass of cold beer, proving that people of all different ages enjoy the crushed noodle snack.

Some describe this savory snack as both satisfying and surprisingly crunchy. Ppushu Ppushu comes in various flavors: bulgogi, spicy rice cake, BBQ, and grilled chicken. On some rare occasions, Ottogi would release a limited amount of new flavors such as honey butter, chili cheese, and sweet & sour; however, people always go back to the original four flavors. Even though each packet comes with its own seasoning packet, the instructions on the package encourage you to add seasoning combinations of your choice!

In 2009, SHINee released an iconic commercial, showing people different ways to crush up your dry noodle snack. To this day, if you do a quick google search on “Ppushu Ppushu commercials,”  SHINee’s Ppushu Ppushu commercials are the first ones to come up.

How would you crush up your next packet of Ppushu Ppushu? Would you knee kick, poppin’, stomp, wave, or krump?

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Cover Image: SHINee (SM Entertainment)

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