Pizzas of the Peninsula

Pizzas of the Peninsula

We’ve all heard of how crazy and wacky pizza can get in Korea, but just how crazy is it? And what is really going on in the pizza scene in Korea?

During my trips to Korea, I have noticed three different types of pizza available in Seoul: chains, Korean-Italian, and “Spoon” Pizzas.

Franchise/Chains are where take-outs, deliveries, and the crazier pizza toppings can be found.  It is noted that while home favorites like Domino’s or PIzza Hut exist in Korea, they are unfortunately more expensive. Other chains that are cheaper to check out are local chains like Mr. Pizza and Pizza School.

Do you like seafood and want to try shrimp Pizza? Or pizza with a whole shrimp wrapped up in the Cheese bites crust? Ever played hide and seek with your food? Pizza Hut Korea says you can!

Or maybe you would enjoy this sweet potato Pizza? It with alooks quite delicious! Does that beautiful colored crust not call your name?

Not feeling so...out there? Then there are the Korean-Italian fusions that provide the thin crust pizzas usually as Margherita….just look at that slightly charred crust and melty cheese?

…..Or cheese pizzas like Gorgonzola. I can taste the rich, bold flavor from my laptop! Looks like they added some nuts to this one.

Lastly, there are pizzas that are “bottomless”, meaning they are  just layers of tomato sauce, some select vegetables, and then covered in cheese. Usually, you just scoop out the “pizza” and eat it by the spoonful or use any other given means to eat it (such as pita-like bread).

Like….can I know what all is in this? Actually, never mind. I’ll just eat it anyway. Pass me a spoon!

Ever notice that Korean Pizza is almost always served with pickles - like with this pizza from Mr. Pizza?

While the pickles that come with the pizza are sweet, Koreans believe that really greasy food, such as pizza, can be “cut” (meaning your taste buds can be clean of any heavy aftertaste) by something sour, which is why the pizzas often come with pickles.

Other weird quirks of Korean Pizza? The drizzle! All of my pizzas had a drizzle of either Mayo, Ranch or Bulgogi sauce, but other drizzles exist and depend on which pizza you get. The drizzles add a nice extra flavor, making the pizza even better. I mean, just look at this Steak Bulgogi Pizza!

Corn on pizza is another one that caught me by surprise. The corn is always there, always lurking and hiding behind an inviting blanket of cheese and lies.  Surprisingly, I found it extremely delicious! Can you find the hiding corn?

Do you know any odd Korean pizza toppings or styles that we missed? What is the weirdest pizza you’ve had or wanted to try? Let us know!

Written by matchalexie

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