Peninsula Pairings!

Peninsula Pairings!

While some people enjoy having their foods separated, there are certain combinations of food that are popular within South Korea. These foods are delicious on their own, of course, but when paired with another dish, their deliciousness is increased even more, no matter how random and peculiar they sound.

So what are some of these combinations? Read this list to find out!

Cheese and Ribs 

What comes to your mind when you think of Korean barbecue? Probably a lot of raw, ready-to-grill meat and a hot center grill, right? Well, the popular pairing of cheese and ribs in recent Korean food trends takes your typical KBBQ format and turns it on its head. Instead, imagine the raw meat being replaced by deliciously cooked baby back ribs and replace the grill with a pool of melty cheese. This fantastic pairing is eaten by dipping the ribs into the gooey cheese and enjoying the delectable combo. Next time you’re out in Koreatown, keep your eye out for this tasty pairing!

Chocolate and Potato

Sweet and salty is a mainstay flavor combination, but potato and chocolate take this combination in a way you wouldn’t at all expect. Korea, however, has a soft spot for this peculiar pairing: this combo can be found in both the fast food and snack arenas! Korean McDonald’s offer fries that come with their very own chocolate sauce, but this uncommon combo can also be bought in chip form!

Fried Chicken and Beer

While Korea hosts a number of interesting pairings, chicken and beer seem to be the nation’s favorite. There’s even a name for this combination: chimaek, used specifically to describe the combination meal of both fried chicken and beer. As a classic combo, any place in Korea that serves fried chicken is almost for sure going to offer beer as well, so don’t miss this meal when you’re spending a late night in your local Koreatown!

Corn and Cheese

This combination may be unfamiliar, but it’s a popular appetizer/side dish at many Korean bars. While the corn adds a sweet pop, the cheese provides an irresistibly gooey and savory substance for the corn to rest in. Just take your spoon, scoop out some of this delicious mixture, and you’re ready to eat!

Korea’s habit of combining two unlikely foods may appear jarring, but it has created some delicious combinations! With pairings like ribs and cheese, Korea’s combinations can satisfy even some of your most indulgent cravings!

What other cravings have you tried? What’s your favorite?

Written by Kyle Voong

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