One Brand. One Icon. A World of Fashion.

One Brand. One Icon. A World of Fashion.

There is one name in the world of K-pop that is known by almost every fan and surely by most, if not all, of the idols we hold dear to us. That name is Kwon Ji Yong. Kwon Ji Yong was introduced to the entertainment industry at the age of seven as a young dancer who would later become known as G-Dragon, one of South Korea’s most influential icons in both music and fashion.

Many people are familiar with G-Dragon being the leader of the K-pop group, BigBang. He has a talent for music and has become an idol for many of our idols, including Jungkook of BTS and BamBam of GOT7, but he isn’t limited to the world of music. In fact, G-Dragon’s talent and potential has led him into the world of fashion, where he has made many powerful friends in the industry.

G-Dragon modeling along side Bella Hadid for Vogue

For those of you who enjoy fashion, you may or may not know that G-Dragon is a model for major brands and was great friends with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who invited him to fashion shows and eventually had him model clothes for CHANEL.

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G-Dragon caught the attention of the public's eye when he appeared in one of Karl Lagerfeld’s group photos of the 2015 CHANEL Haute Couture show which took place in Paris. The Korean icon was featured in the ‘Graduation’ photo alongside many A-list celebrities like Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, and many more; standing out from the rest with his very vibrant red hair.

'Graduation' photo: 2015 CHANEL Haute Couture, Paris

G-Dragon didn’t stop at modeling for one of the biggest names in the industry. He took his own love for fashion and created his own brand, PEACEMINUSONE, where many of his products are designed by the artist himself, and worn not only by him but by many other celebrities.

His apparel ranges from socks, beanies, clips, bracelets, and even headphones. The brand is very unique to G-Dragon as it reflects who he is and what he likes. The logo itself is a peace sign with the third leg missing creating a G and a D, a shortened version of his stage name.

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The apparel created by G-Dragon has become popular among many celebrities both in Korea and worldwide. One item that seems to be the most popular among celebrities are his hats that come with a back-strap longer than usual, embroidered with PEACEMINUSONE on the tip, and his clips that often accessorize his bucket hats and beanies.

So, which celebrities have worn his clothing? Bella Hadid, an American model, was seen wearing G-Dragon’s signature hat he often times enjoys to wear at his own concerts.

Bella Hadid wearing PEACEMINUSONE cap with unique long strap

BTS’s Jungkook wore shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti Design and G-Dragon in one of the group’s photoshoots.

Former 2NE1 singer Dara has been seeing wearing one of G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE clips and hats.

Even the iconic Japanese artist, Murakami Takashi and great friend to the musical artist,  has been seen wearing a PEACEMINUSONE hat.

Artist Murakami Takashi wearing a PEACEMINUSONE hat

The fashion icon himself promotes his own clothing, wearing a PEACEMINUSONE beanie in BigBang’s music video for "Fxxk It."

The icon’s brand has been featured in various collaborations with various big names, like Nike...

The worldwide famous, Red Bull...

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He even designed a debit card in collaborations with IBK. The card was limited edition, and was basically first come, first serve. It was available only to the citizens of Korea, but if they wanted this debit card, they had to meet certain requirements and move fast.

Only 100,000 limited edition All Access cards designed by G-Dragon

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest icons in the K-pop industry has begun to gain his title has an icon in fashion. His work has inspired many, his clothing has been worn by several big names worldwide, and his influence and passion for fashion continues to spread like wildfire.

“Don’t be afraid. There is no right answer in fashion.”
- G-Dragon

Written by Evelyn Lopez

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