Not Your Typical Chips!

Not Your Typical Chips!

With the growing fame of Honey Butter chips, Korean chips have taken the world by storm. Everyone loves the classic potato chip, but have you tried these six chips that have a unique appearance? The snack industry is growing, and snacks don’t get noticed by being average. Luckily, there are some unique and delicious chips that are perfect for a study-break snack or a sneaky midnight snack that will leave you wanting more.

Here are just a couple options that are easy to find, taste delicious, and can change what you think about chips!

1. Kkokkalcorn Chips

Popular among children, these cone-shaped chips are well-known for their interactive trait. Many have gotten enjoyment out of being able to put these light and crispy chips on the tip of fingers to resemble claws. Coming in different flavors, such as roasted corn and spicy corn, these snacks can be eaten off the tips of your fingers or from a bowl for sharing!

2. Turtle Chips

Small but complex, these chips come with layers. Orion turtle chips are a corn-based chip that come in flavors like sweet corn soup, shrimp, and sweet cinnamon. Known for having four distinct layers, these chips get their name due to the resemblance of a turtle shell. Be careful, although small, these interesting chips have an addictive crunch to them!

3. Drumstix

In Korea, fried chicken is well-known, and thanks to Nongshim they offer a chip version of this popular dish. Shaped like drumsticks, these chips not only look like fried chicken but also resemble the chicken flavor and pack quite the crunch.

4. O!Karto

Inspired by Italian dishes, the flavor of these chips isn’t the only distinctive trait Resembling fries, these short and tube-shaped chips can also be paired with dip to step up the flavor and crunch. Based on foreign flavors like Italian chili, Italian Gratin, and more; they've gained popularity in Korea for their uniqueness.

5. Tako Chips

Looking to stray from the typical salty flavor chips are known for? Look no further, Tako chips are a seafood-flavored and also happen to be shaped like an octopus! This family-friendly snack is actually made with yellow corvina fish and flour, to give you that authentic seafood taste.

6. Zzaldduck

Brought to you by Samyang, the company that is known for their spicy ramen, here is Zzaldduck! These glossy chips pack the same punch as their ramen, and comes in a spicy chicken flavor. The textured, straw-shaped snacks are sure to get your taste buds kicking after just few bites!

These are just some of the special options Korea has to offer, and there are many more that are available to taste-test and share with friends and family!

Let us know below which ones you have tried or would like to try!