Must-See K-Pop Dance Covers

Must-See K-Pop Dance Covers

In K-pop, dance covers are super popular! From simply watching dances to learning dances, this is a way for members of the K-pop community to interact and appreciate the hard work it takes to perfect smooth and sharp choreography. Not only popular amongst fans of K-pop, but also K-pop idols, fans are excited to get more content from their favorite idol groups by seeing their favorite groups covering each other’s dances.

Here are a few must-see K-pop dance covers by K-pop idols!

  • "The Boys" (SNSD) & "Hard Carry" (GOT7) - The Boyz

The Boyz are currently one of the top rookie groups of the K-pop scene. After debuting in 2017, they have gained an immense amount of popularity and you won’t be left wondering why after you watch this dance cover. With twelve multi-talented members, The Boyz are completely synchronized in their dancing, and also give off the feeling of an experienced dance crew. Their cover of "The Boys" by SNSD, one of the first K-pop girl groups that took the world by storm, gives the song a more masculine twist while still adhering to the true roots of the song. They then smoothly transition into "Hard Carry" by GOT7, which creates a complete change in atmosphere. The pairing of these two songs in one performance showcases the versatility of The Boyz, from dance style to boy group charms. As a group with so many members, they are able to make a dance cover their own, using all twelve members to add different elements to the choreography.

  • "Mr. Chu" (Apink) - GOT7

If you’re a fan of K-pop, you should be no stranger to GOT7, one of JYP’s most popular boy groups. GOT7 covered "Mr. Chu" in 2014, the same year that they debuted. Through a fun girl group dance cover, GOT7 showed a new set of fun and cutesy charms, and fans were even able to witness the singing of Mark, Jackson and BamBam—GOT7’s rappers. During this cover, you can also catch the members of Apink in the audience, enjoying the performance and happily dancing along to the song. While this cover may not surprise many people now, after knowing about GOT7’s extensive knowledge of girl group dances (especially BamBam) due to the plethora of variety shows they have been on, this showed a different side of GOT7 in 2014, especially from their debut song. 

  • "Fancy" (Twice) - Stray Kids

Stray Kids are JYP’s newest K-pop boy group and have gained an immense amount of international popularity from their pre-debut survival show along with overall talent and good looks. Stray Kids’ cover of their fellow labelmate and seniors’ chart-topping song showed an interesting shift from their usual dark concept to a cute, lighthearted and pastel concept. Their cover of "Fancy" showed off their stable vocals and adorable dance moves. With the same number of members as Twice, the Stray Kids cover presented a perfectly mirrored performance.

K-pop dance covers performed by other fellow K-pop idols is always fun and exciting to watch as K-pop fans. Not only is it thrilling to see your favorite groups cover each other’s songs, but it also presents some smaller groups with a chance at more exposure!

Which K-pop dance cover is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: The Boyz (Cre.ker Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Leung

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