MukBlog: VIXX's N ❤️ Banana Milk

MukBlog: VIXX's N ❤️ Banana Milk

Another boy who’s bananas for bananas!

by RoyalCha

Time for another MukBlog entry! Just what are they eating? This time, we’re looking at what they’re drinking, instead! VIXX’s charming, graceful, and suave leader N has been a passionate fanatic of banana-flavored milk since before he even debuted.

N Puts A Pile Of Banana Milk In A Shopping Cart

He often has it at fanmeets, given to him by either staff or his fans! 

N At Fanmeet Drinking Banana Milk Image Source:

Though not banana, he repped strawberry-flavored milk with co-star Jung Eunji while filming the drama Cheer Up! Go Go!

N And Eunji Drinking Strawberry Milk

His love for banana milk will never die, and neither will my love for him.

N Kissing Banana Milk

The stars shine bright for this star and his banana milk. Lucky for you, we have both banana milk and strawberry milk in the SnackFever shop! Why not give both a try and decide which flavor reigns supreme? Have a snack that you've seen your favorite K-Celeb eat that you want us to identify? Let us know in the comments, and it could be our next featured MukBlog!

Featured Image Source: @KKUL_CHA on Twitter 

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