MukBlog: BTS ❤️ Banana Kick

MukBlog: BTS ❤️ Banana Kick

The boys of BTS are bananas for these bomb snacks!

by RoyalCha

You know what they’re saying, you know what they’re wearing, you may even know what they’re doing most of the time; but do you know what they’re eating? With MukBlog, I’m here to highlight snacks and other assorted tasty treats that K-Celebs have been found munching, sipping, and chewing on! First up are the ever popular, ever talented, and ever hungry boys of BTS! Banana Kick seems to be the favorite snack of youngest member Jungkook. These banana flavored puffs are crispy, light, and sweet, and fans have even brought him some during fanmeets!

BTS Jungkook Eating Banana Kick Photo Credit @1898halmonee on Twitter

He’s nice enough to share them with the other members of BTS, too! 

BTS Jungkook Jimin With Banana Kick Photo Credit @madein1997_jk on Twitter

BTS V Eating Banana Kick Photo Credit @ASOMETAETAE1230 on Twitter

Although they might not be Suga’s favorite snack... 

BTS Suga Eating Banana Kick Photo Credit @FISTBUMP_930309 on Twitter

Decide for yourself whether you’ve got Jungkook’s tastes or not! You can buy your own bag of Banana Kick at the SnackFever shop! Have a snack that you've seen your favorite K-Celeb eat that you want us to identify? Let us know in the comments, and it could be our next featured MukBlog! 

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