Move Aside, Hot Dog... Make Way for the Churro Dog!

Move Aside, Hot Dog... Make Way for the Churro Dog!

With the rise of the Korean-style hot dog’s popularity, more shops are popping up and offering this unique hot dog preparation. With its light and crunchy breading, delicate dusting of sugar, and savory drizzle of ketchup and honey mustard, who can resist a good Korean-style hot dog? They even took it a step further with adding cheese to the skewer or breading the hot dog with french fries. There is no way it can get any better than this, right? Wrong! 

Introducing: the Churro Dog! That’s right. Some places might just cut open a churro, plop the hot dog in the “churro bun” and call it a night, but not at Jjunine Churros (쭈니네츄러스)

At Jjunine Churros, they take the familiarity of the Korean-style hot dog and turn it into something new. The churro dog is a skewered hot dog with a churro coiling all around it, and dusted with a blanket of cinnamon sugar. Did we mention that it is also made fresh to order? 

Some people may be willing to pay for the aesthetic alone, but you won’t have to at Jjunine Churros because this warm, sweet, and savory snack costs only 3,500 KRW (about $3 USD). This churro hot dog is, by far, one of the most reasonably-priced aesthetic snacks that we've seen.

Since Jjunine Churros operates out of a food truck, you will have to do a bit of researching before you leave on your churro hot dog journey. Don’t worry, it’s not as stressful as it sounds. They usually post their monthly schedule on their Instagram (@jjunine_churros2017). 

Although they are mostly known for their churro hot dog, Jjunine Churros offers a few other options for those who are wary about trying such a snack. In addition to the magnificent churro hot dog, they also offer a plain 40 cm long churro, 5 mini churro loops, a sausage and rice cake skewer (sotteok), an addictive hot dog (마약핫도그), and a simple hash brown. 

For such a new business, this small food truck will surely teach you how to savor every bite. Out of all the snacks that Jjunine Churros has to offer, which one would you be most excited to try?

Written by Sarah Wong

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