More Than Just an Ice Cream Bar

More Than Just an Ice Cream Bar

Walk into a Korean convenience store, and you’ll probably see freezers full of ice cream and popsicles. In South Korea, these treats aren’t just confined to their frozen state—they branch out into other snacks as well! Some of the popular ice cream bars that have become a part of a series of sweets include the Soobak (watermelon) Bar and the fruit-flavoured Jaws Bar. Let’s take a look at some of the ice cream bar-themed snacks!

1. Lollipops

With packaging like that of the original popsicle, the lollipop version of the Jaws Bar allows people to enjoy the fruity taste of the treat even during the cold of the winter! When unwrapped, the lollipops look extremely similar to the popsicles—in fact, they look like shrunken versions!

2. Gummies

Some argue that the gummy version of these popular ice cream bars doesn’t taste enough like the original thing. This might also be due to the texture of gummies—the soft chewiness that you don’t get from an ice cream bar may be what throws people off. Either way, the gummies still taste amazing and are great for when you want to keep the flavour of your childhood in your backpack, available for you to snack on at any time.

3. Bubble Gum

Whatta is a huge bubble gum company in South Korea, and it is known for its range of innovative flavours, including those based off of ice cream bars! Like most other Whatta bubble gums, the Jaws Bar flavoured one starts off with a very sweet and strong taste but slowly fades into a more muted tone. The bubble gum is definitely something to check out if you enjoy chewing very sweet, candy-like gum!

Though there are plenty more spin-offs of popular Korean popsicles, these three are the ones most commonly found in Korean convenience stores. Each product relates to the original ice cream bar in varying degrees, and each has its own merits. Which one would you like to try?

Written by Lynn Lee

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