MONSTA X Leads through Love with Mini Album 'Follow-Find You'

MONSTA X Leads through Love with Mini Album 'Follow-Find You'

Although it’s been a busy year for MONSTA X, having released studio album We are Here, Japanese studio album Phenomenon, and a world tour; that didn’t stop the group from dropping this year's latest mini album, Follow-Find You.

The mini album takes you on a ride of emotions from start to finish, no two songs are alike. It starts off with “Find You,” a slow track that talks about remembering certain aspects of someone in a past relationship. Its lyrics leave one to think that although the relationship didn’t last, there still might be some sort of feelings for the other person.

In my memories, you are like a dream
I wish to bring back

Spicing up the album after “Find You” is the electronic “Follow,” which is about a path that can’t seem to be crossed, though one person still follows the other. MONSTA X then takes a different turn with “Monsta Truck” ⁠— a mix of keyboard notes, soothing vocals, and grunting raps that make you wonder what other surprises the group has in store for the album. However, before you know it, “U R” comes up next to slow things back down. With the plucking of guitar strings, the slight jingle of a tambourine and slow vocals, we are reminded of how much a versatile group MONSTA X is.

The beat of “Disaster” can be compared to that of a hip-hop song from the ‘80s as rapper Jooheon’s adlibs get you excited for this bass-filled track. “Burn it Up” keeps things alive as a darker track filled with powerful vocals. With feisty lyrics like “I can tell you I’m on fire, I burn it up,” it will push your confidence and not let you forget who you are. “Mirror” has a seductive twist in what started off as a duo between vocalist Wonho and leader Shownu during the We Are Here 2019 tour. It’s made its appearance permanent on this album with the whole group joining in.

To end the album is “See You Again,” a mix of upbeat instrumentals with deep lyrics talking about the coldness of saying goodbye and not wanting the relationship to end, even though what might have felt good it wasn’t good. 

Follow-Find You talks about the reality of heartbreak and the different emotions one goes through from wanting them back to knowing your worth, and finally accepting the fate of things. MONSTA X saves you from the pain of having to physically go through the experiences attached to those emotions with this album.

What’s your favorite song off of Follow-Find You? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: MONSTA X (Starship Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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