MONSTA X Brings the 'Luv' for Valentine's Day

MONSTA X Brings the 'Luv' for Valentine's Day

Why spend the Day Of Love alone when you could spend it with MONSTA X? The idol group is making sure this Valentine's Day is filled with love! After months of teasers and sneak peaks, the boy group has finally released their first full-English album, All About Luv.

Featuring twelve new songs and collaborations with major artists like French Montana, Pitbull and, All About Luv is a masterfully-crafted album that shows a new side to MONSTA X, the more mature tone and sounds no doubt a major stepping stone for the group's Western breakthrough. With a gorgeous blend of soulful pop, hip-hop and EDM, All About Luv is sure to take over the charts.

While this is their first album completely in English, fans know this isn't exactly new terrain for the South Korean boy group. Since signing with the American label Epic Records in early 2019, the group has consistently released a number of songs in English, starting with Steve Aoki's remix of "Play It Cool," and most recently before the album, their collaboration on Latin singer Sebastian Yatra's "Magnetic."

Despite what its name might suggest, All About Luv is not exactly a love album. Not by its usual definition, at least! It's not only the sound that is more mature, but the lyrics, too. Speaking about all (and we do mean all) aspects of a relationship, the majority of the songs tell about the more unsavory parts of love, without holding anything back. The album does have a fair amount of happy love songs perfect for celebrating this special day, but they do feel like an exception in an overall darker theme, and do a wonderful job of showing off the members' undeniable versatility.

All About Luv carries an essence of evolution, of the big change that is coming for the group. Not only is it one of the very few all-English albums by a K-pop act, it will also be accompanied by an all-American promotional period. With appearances in The Kelly Clarkson Show and Today with Hoda & Jenna to kick off promotions, international fans can expect a ton of content of their favorite idols.

While MONSTA X is familiar with performing on U.S. TV shows, their appearance on Kelly Clarkson's program will be a historic one and a major achievement for all of K-pop: the first appearance of a K-pop act on the show! Their performance is scheduled for February 21st, just one day after Today with Hoda & Jenna. While these are the only two major appearances confirmed so far, there is no doubt this will be a very busy promotional schedule for the boys!

Monbebes from around the world can now listen to All About Luv on Spotify and all major music streaming services, and while the group hasn't released a new single for the album, this is a wonderful time to rewatch the official music video for "Middle of the Night," the sixth song on All About Luv.

What do you think of MONSTA X's first English album? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: MONSTA X (Starship Entertainment)
Written by Vale Papili

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