Meet The Girls Blowing Up The K-pop Scene

Meet The Girls Blowing Up The K-pop Scene

They showed up. And they blew up.

by Maggie Pie

A FRESH NEW SOUND  BLACKPINK has been a hot topic since their debut in August with not one, but TWO hit songs. Their track, "BOOMBAYAH", has elements of electronic, house, and dance hall, which are extremely popular genres in America at the moment. This would explain why this group appeals just as much to Western audiences as they do to Korean audiences!

"WHISTLE", in contrast, has a hip hop sound accompanied by beautiful vocals and catchy rap. The whistling hook is so memorable that you'll get this song stuck in your head for hours. I think it's safe to say that BLACKPINK slayed their debut week with over 23 million views on each music video.

Don't let their pretty faces fool you, they're also extremely talented!  JENNIE Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist BLACKPINK-Jennie Jennie's birth name is Jennie Kim (제니김), but onstage she is known as just Jennie. She was born on January 16, 1996 in the Netherlands and studied abroad in New Zealand before becoming a trainee under YG Entertainment. In addition to her musical talents, she is also fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. She was featured in G-Dragon's music video for "That XX" and performed with him on stage for the song "BLACK" prior to her debut. Jennie has been a YG trainee since she was 16, so fans were ecstatic to see her finally debut! Here's a glimpse of how talented she was when she first started her training.

LISA Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Maknae Lisa-teaser Lisa is the main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist of BLACKPINK. She was born Lalisa Manoban (ลลิสา มโนบาล) in Bangkok, Thailand -- the only member who isn't of Korean descent. Her birthday is March 27, 1997, making her only 19 -- the maknae (youngest) of BLACKPINK. An extremely talented dancer, Lisa is also fluent in Thai, English, Korean, and Japanese. Prior to her recruitment as a trainee under YGE, she was a member of a dance troupe in Thailand. In 2012, YGE released footage of Lisa's dancing skills, which gained her a lot of popularity years before her official debut!

JISOO Lead Vocalist, Visual BLACKPINK-Jisoo Kim Ji Soo (김지수) was born on January 3, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea before her debut in BLACKPINK as the face of the group and lead vocalist. She's able to speak Korean, English, and Chinese fluently. Prior to her debut, she was featured in Epik High's music video for "Spoiler" and "Happen Ending" and made a cameo in the highly popular K-drama Producers with Sandara of 2NE1.

ROSE Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer BLACKPINK-Rose Rose's birth name is Park Chae Young (박채영) or Roseanne Park. She was born on February 11, 1997 in Melbourne, Commonwealth of Australia. She studied at Canterbury Girls Secondary College before becoming a trainee under YG Entertainment. In addition to her amazing vocals, she plays the guitar and is fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. Prior to her debut, her vocals were featured in G-Dragon's "Without You."

Aren't these ladies so awesome? ?

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