M.O.N.T to Be

M.O.N.T to Be

Ever heard of a boy group named M.O.N.T? Their group is small, but full to the brim with talent! Don’t forget this name, they’re trying to make to history. Before debuting this year, they visited countries like Colombia, Israel, and Brazil, and show no signs of slowing down. Become a M.I.N.T! (Yes, that is their official fan name.)

You might be asking what does M.O.N.T mean? It stands for "Members of Our National Team." All of the boys appeared on YG’s elimination show, Mix Nine. They got attention since they were all from the countryside, which got them the nickname “The Mountain Trainees.” Another aspect that makes them stand out is that all of their stage names are derived from old Korean names, but we’ll get to that later. This trio consists of members: Narachan, Roda, and Bitsaeon. Let’s get to know them a bit!

Bitsaeon, also known by his real name Sang-yeon Kim, is the eldest of the group. He was born in 1995. He is the main vocalist of the group, and his name means "a new light!"

Narachan a.k.a Hyun-woo Jung, born in 1996, is the leader of the trio and a vocalist as well! The name Narachan means "a genuine person, someone with a compassionate heart." It’s just right for this kind leader!

Who’s the maknae here? That would be Roda, or Joong-min Shin, the rapper of the group. Born in 1998, he packs a punch with his words. His name basically means "the person you’ve been waiting for." Well, now he’s here!

Signed under FM Entertainment, they debuted January 4, 2019 with their catchy upbeat single, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

The visuals are eye-catching and colorful! This song has a high potential of getting stuck in your head. Though, they have had previous singles before this one, like "Sorry," which came out on May 18, 2017. Slower and packed with longing, it shows how versatile these boys are!

Are you left craving more M.O.N.T? They also have a YouTube Channel! On M.O.N.T_Official, you can find interviews, covers, and just plain old funny videos of the boys. They communicate with their fans via their Instagram and Twitter, @montlove1! Last year, fans even got to pick M.O.N.T’s logo! You can get all your latest M.O.N.T news there. 

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Cover Image: M.O.N.T (Fly Music Entertainment)

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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