LINE FRIENDS Welcomes You!

LINE FRIENDS Welcomes You!

In all of the LINE FRIENDS stores around the world, each one draws you in at first sight. The atmosphere of every store is welcoming; immediately creating a happy mood as they are filled with adorable plushies and other character merchandise.

Bonus:ย It is also a perfect place to get those aesthetic pictures you need for your Instagram!

Once you walk in through the doors of a LINE FRIENDS store, it greets you with LINE FRIENDS' BROWN, a cute giant bear. As BROWN is there to greet you as soon as you walk into the store, you feel a very homey and happy feeling. Donโ€™t be surprised to have to get in line to take pictures with BROWN, because during many busy times this huge bear is very popular for photos. The holidays are extra special as he dresses up to match the holiday themes. Each season offers up a different version of BROWNโ€™s greeting; for example, heโ€™s usually dressed up as a reindeer for the Christmas season.

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After taking your pictures with the giant BROWN, the LINE FRIENDS stores continue to welcome you with well-organized arrangements of their merchandise. LINE FRIENDS carries a variety of products, such as stuffed animals, stationery, home decor, clothes, and different accessories. Despite the huge array of merchandise, all the items are organized in a manner that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Everything is kept tidy, so all that's left to do is go to the area of the store that has the products that interest you.

Furthermore, if you didnโ€™t get enough pictures with BROWN, do not fret! Many of the bigger LINE FRIENDS stores go even further to welcome you with more adorable photo opportunities all around the store. Although the walls of the stores are very aesthetic and photo-worthy on their own, some stores have certain areas with displays of different LINE FRIENDS characters.

There are also sections of the store that have mirrors for you to take selfies with cute characters or with your friends. LINE FRIENDS encourages you with motivating mirrors when you check to see how you look in their merchandise. You can take mirror selfies (because pictures are a priority when in a cute store) and see the face of someone who is going on a shopping spree with LINE FRIENDS.

One example of a photo-worthy aesthetic would be the wall of the BROWN LED touch lights. You can buy your very own light while you are in the store or you can snap a picture of the pretty wall that LINE FRIENDS use in some of their larger stores to welcome their customers.

There are also displays of different LINE FRIENDS themes and arrangements at some stores. For example, there may be a theme of CHOCOโ€™s house or there may be other areas where LINE FRIENDS characters are appear.

After exploring the store, finding what you wanted to buy, and taking advantage of all the photo opportunities, you can see how much LINE FRIENDS welcomes their customers into their many stores. You are surrounded by your favorite, beyond cute characters of LINE FRIENDS all over the store, from merchandise to displays. The entire experience of LINE FRIENDS shopping is an enjoyable one, and you leave happy and satisfied, with a phone full of cute photos and hands full of adorable merchandise just as insta-worthy as the store.

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