Let's Get Fancy! 🌟

Let's Get Fancy! 🌟

As a three-time consecutive Mnet Music Awards Song of The Year winner, nation’s girl group Twice is on a star-studded path to success. From covering their senior’s songs to now selling an estimated 500,000 albums in just one month, these girls are a force to be reckoned with.

K-pop fans located outside of Asia know all too well the sad reality of the slim chance that your favorite group will ever perform at least within 100 miles of you. Onces are no strangers to the feeling. Since Twice’s debut in 2015, they have embarked on fan meetings in Japan, Thailand, and two-day long concerts in South Korea (an international fan could only dream). Then surprisingly, on April 7th, JYP Entertainment announced an upcoming world tour taking place across the globe.

As the swarm of Onces increasingly grows, the K-pop sensation will showcase their new mature image while still maintaining the colorful concept fans have fallen in love with, this summer in the following cities:

North America:

  • Los Angeles, CA – The Forum – July 17, 2019
  • Mexico City, México – Palacio de los Deportes – July 19, 2019
  • Newark, New Jersey – The Prudential Center – July 21, 2019
  • Chicago, Illinois – Wintrust Arena – July 23, 2019


  • Bangkok, Thailand – Impact Arena – June 15, 2019
  • Manila, Philippines – Mall of Asia Arena – June 29, 2019
  • Singapore – Singapore Indoor Stadium – July 13, 2019
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – August 17, 2019

The Twice Lights World Tour will feature Twice’s exciting latest comeback album, Fancy You. This album delivered the long-awaited concept shift many fans longed for, but in the most unexpected way. Four out of the six songs are beautifully written by the members themselves, making this album an unforgettable one.

Title track “Fancy” is the perfect song to blast with your windows down, featuring an American influence with an upbeat pop rhythm and fun lyrics personifying summer as a lover.

“Stuck In My Head” is sure to do just that with it’s catchy tune. The girls are making it official that they are entering a new mature era with this one, and truly showcasing their vocal potential along with a few singing lines from Dahyun as well!

The path to stardom is not an easy one. With Twice’s songs typically containing love themes, “Girls Like Us” goes a different direction with a more profound serious sound usually untapped by Twice. This song details the difficulties that arise when chasing your dreams with the lines “Behind a smiling face many emotions get tangled up. But remember the starting point of that first dream. The newness of it all that was felt.” (Genius English Translation) The girls remind fans to stay motivated to chase their goals and reach heights unknown.

Following motivational “Girls like Us,” “HOT” written by main dancer Momo, is sure to bring the tempo back up with its catchy repetitions making it an addictive easy listening bop.

“Turn It Up” begins with Sana’s deceiving soft acoustic sound quickly averted by a funky dance electronic tune. If you are a DubChaeng enthusiast, their creatively-curated raps are a serious highlight in this track with the girl’s bold vocals.

The album ends on a soft and sweet note with “Strawberry” written by the “Strawberry Princess” herself, Chaeyoung. The cute lyrics staying true to Twice’s classic sound paired with a non-typical slow tempo beat, create a perfect harmony making this a favorite among fans.

Now that you know the songs, you’re almost ready for the concert. Just one more thing, the fan chant! In the K-pop scene, fan chants are used to show the artists that they have an innumerable crowd of support from fans. You can find the fanchant guide to “Fancy” here:

The idea of Twice performing in the U.S. seemed impossible, but this summer the girls will be here to set the stage on fire! Will Twice be coming to a city near you? If not, don’t lose hope! It’s clear that this remarkable group will continue to do the impossible and shock us. So be on the lookout for the possibility of them surpassing even more expectations!

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Serena Jackson

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