Let’s Go to the Amusement Park!

Let’s Go to the Amusement Park!

Summer is approaching many places around the world! Some are dreading the upcoming season, and others are counting down for their summer to begin. As students are winding down from exams and studying, they can only anticipate their free time with their friends. As many may already have their whole summer vacation scheduled with endless activities, keep in mind the thrilling rides that you could only find in amusement parks!

These three amusement parks found throughout Korea would be great to add to your summer activities:


Everland was founded in 1976 as a resort near Seoul, located in Yongin and consisting of three areas: Caribbean Bay, Everland, and Home Bridge. Although Everland was known before as Farmland, it still is a frequently visited location. Everland features a water park, a zoo, and a few restaurants. When heading into Everland, an average ticket costs around 54,000 won ($66 USD). Everland is also home to a few rollercoasters known as T-Express, Dragon Coaster, and the Rolling X-Train.

  • The T-Express is made out of wood and is said to be the 4th steepest, 9th fastest, 4th tallest, and 6th longest rollercoaster in the world; fairly great rankings for a ride! It was founded on March 14th of 2008, making this ride about 11 years old.
  • Dragon Coaster was founded in 1987. You may find this ride in the Magic Land area of the park. Recommended for anyone with kids!
  • Rolling X-Train was founded in the summer of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. It's gone through a few name changes, such as the Double Loop and as the Corkscrew.


Seoul Land was founded in 1987 in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do Province with over forty rides, movie theatres, and seasonal festivals! With five different areas to discover, appealing to any age. Tickets vary by age and the time of day, the highest price being 44,000 won and the lowest being 31,000 won.

  • Adventure Land

As the name indicates, you will find yourself going through many adventures with shooting galleries, remote-controlled boats, and rollercoasters all waiting to be discovered! Rides include the TicTok Train (a cute clock shaped ride for children), the King Viking (a pirate ship that swings into the sky) and the Flume Ride (a steep slope passing through water and falls).

  • Fantasy Land

Another region in Seoul Land for the little ones with many decorations of different characters and fun rides, including the Turning Mecard Go! Bumper Car, the Arpo Swing (a spinning octopus ride), and a Musical Carousel where you can ride on musical instruments!

  • Tomorrow Land

Many will enjoy this region of Seoul Land so much that they would find themselves saying “Let’s come back tomorrow!” The main rides for both children and adults can be found here, even hosting an optical illusion house. With rollercoasters known as the Black Hole 2000, giving your ride a twist and tumble; the Double Loop Coaster, a thrilling double loop roller coaster; and Sky X, a 50m fall from a cable.

  • Samchulli Hill

An area for all seasons, Samchulli Hill makes every visit faultless. It includes a pool, a snow sled, haunted houses, and an archery range as well as the exciting Top Spin, a ride that makes seven spinning loops in the air!


Lotte World is known as the largest indoor amusement park with four different floors, divided into districts that represent countries. Founded July 12th, 1989 in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Lotte World is open all year long despite any holidays. With beautifully-themed musicals matching every season, it’s a sight no one should miss.

There are two different passes to explore Lotte World; a Universal Pass and The Park Pass, both passes varying by age and time of day.

  • Universal Pass: Gives access to both the Lotte World park and the Folk Museum.
    • Adult pricing ranges from 46,000 won up to 57,000 won while pricing for teens and children is between 35,000 and 50,000 won.
  • Park Pass: Gives access to the Lotte World park only.
    • Adult pricing is between 43,000 to 54,000 won, and teens and children's tickets are 34,000 to 48,000 won.

Infants passes cost an average price of 14,000 won for both Universal and Park passes.

With summer right around the corner come many changes in wardrobe, moods, and the chaotic changes of our daily life routines. Don’t leave the thrill of amusement parks out of your summer plans, whether you attend any of these located in Korea or visit the one in your town! Be prepared for the excitement and thrills your heart will endure. Summer is approaching quickly but it will leave faster, remind yourself to stay hydrated and have fun!

Written by Andrea Villarreal

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