League Of Legends Sweets for Champs

League Of Legends Sweets for Champs

Welcome to Summoner’s rift! In honor of the worldwide championship games, many people set out to throw an amazing streaming party. Watching the game updates and stuffing your face with treats is the ultimate goal for every host. For this year’s games, impress your party goers with these insanely magical desserts inspired by your favorite champions and characters!

Poro Snacks

Poro is a cute little animal that can be seen in the Howling Abyss. If you feed a poro, he’ll follow you around during the match! Everyone loves these cuddly and adorable pets, so why not create their favorite snacks? The recipe is quite simple; all you need is some cinnamon rolls and a knife. Whether you buy some pre-made rolls or make your own, the only step you need is to split the rolls into one-fourth of an inch rounds and repeat! Icing is optional, but your guests will simply adore these treats!

Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap

Compared to all of the ADC’s (Attack/Damage/Carry) in League, Caitlyn has a very delicious ability to trap her enemies. With her Yordle snap trap, how can you resist? In order to create her trap, you’ll need homemade or store-bought cupcakes, a jar of cherries, and silver baking cups. The first step is to cut your baking cups to a height of an inch. Cut the top of the baking cup to form spikes around it and place it around the base of cupcake. Place a cherry on top of the cupcake and you’re done!

Mana Potion

Mana, a resource needed to cast abilities, has always been a necessity in every game until it was removed. In memory of beloved mana, give your guests a flashback with this potion. To create this simple drink, all you’ll need is blue raspberry flavored sports drinks and vintage milk bottles with a cork top. Fill the bottles with the sports drink and simply seal it with the cork top to complete it! Simple, yet deliciously refreshing!

Birdie Bag of Gold

Everyone seems to collect and save their gold for necessary weapons and potions. In April, the developers of League of Legends released the Birdie Bag full of gold. Give your guests an extra boost with this easy, yet super cute item! For this snack, all you’ll need is chocolate coins and yellow satin pouches. Simply place about ten chocolate coins inside the pouch and seal it! It’s a cute snack and party favor to commemorate the game!

Mana Encrusted Apple

With a mana encrusted apple, you’ll be able to complete your assortment of desserts for your guests. This recipe is a bit more difficult to tackle but it’s definitely one for the books. You’ll need green apples, white candy melts, lollipop sticks, and blue sugar sprinkles. First, you’ll need to insert the lollipop sticks inside the top of the apples (where the stem is located). Once inserted, set aside your apples and place your candy melts into a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the melts in increments of ten seconds until fully melted. TIP: Stir your candy melts after every interval. Using the lollipop stick to hold the apple, dip your apple halfway to the top. Once complete, sprinkle the blue sugar sprinkles onto the apples until all of the apple is covered. After your apple cools and hardens, serve it to your guests!

With all these delicious treats, you’ll leave your guests wishing the match wasn’t over! Don’t be upset, though! Keep your guests discussing the game results at one of the nine best places to get coffee in Koreatown, Los Angeles! As always, happy snacking.

Written by Rebeca A.

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