Koreans Are Going Crazy for Banana Choco Pie

Koreans Are Going Crazy for Banana Choco Pie

And so are we!

A few months ago, Korean food company Orion unveiled the newest evolution of their historically famous snack: the Banana Choco Pie! Lotte also followed up with their own version, the Mon Cher Banana Cream Pie, which is filled with banana cream, rather than the banana-flavored marshmallow that Orion's Choco Pie has in the middle. Koreans seem to be evenly divided over which one is better; even Team SnackFever is (banana) split over it! (Pun intended.) min_chocopie Mochi Min loves both Choco Pies and Mon Cher Pies! #TeamMin min_moncher Both banana treats have quickly become the most popular treats in Korea, and like the Honey Butter Chips, they've become somewhat difficult to find in local stores, or even online. Here in the States, we can't even buy them yet! But thanks to our sources in Korea, we've managed to bring over as many boxes as we could! Several lucky SnackFever subscribers will be receiving either the Orion Banana Choco Pie or Lotte Mon Cher Banana Cream Pie in their boxes. Will it be you?


While you wait, you can see what Korean mukbang broadcasters have to say about the new banana pies!

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