Korean YouTube Cooking Channels That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Korean YouTube Cooking Channels That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Hey SnackFever Fam!

How often have you guys been hit with a craving for kimbap (김밥)?

Or maybe you had a little too much to drink the night before and need some haejangguk (해장국) to pick you up?

Whatever the reason, the recipes are right at your fingertips when a trip to a Korean restaurant just isn’t possible.

Here are three YouTube channels to help get you creative in the kitchen and satisfy those Korean cuisine cravings.


Maangchi shares recipes of the various dishes and makes learning recipes fun. She often talks about the background of the dish and the season it is eaten in Korean culture. She also shares her memories of eating certain foods while she lived in Korea and making the dish for her children. Maangchi also includes commentary while cooking that'll make the audience fall in love with her.  If watching videos while you cook isn't your thing, she has a website that has all her recipes.

Seongkyoung Longest 

Asian at Home with Seongkyoung Longest has hundreds of recipe videos, as well as vlogs of her cuisine travels in Asia. This channel is full of Korean recipes that are easy to follow and quickly draw you in. Before you know it, you will have spent all night watching her delicious recipes and end up drooling at your computer screen. Seongkyoung also has a large selection of Asian cuisine recipes that are just as entertaining to watch. Seongkyoung also has her own website where you can find all her recipes.

Future Neighbor

Future Neighbor is a fun and relaxed channel to go to learn Korean recipes and get a good laugh. Daniel and Katie serve up easy to follow recipes with a dash of humor. Each recipe has a difficulty rating that is shown in the video after the introduction. They scale the recipe on an easy, medium, or hard range so that it can help viewers choose which dish they want to try. They also have a playlist of vlogs that include them traveling to different cities and enjoying different dishes. Just like the previous two channels, Future Neighbor also has a website for easy access to their recipes.

These channels will hopefully help you satisfy those pesky cravings… and maybe you can impress your friends by preparing them their favorite meal.

Happy Snacking!

Written by Lindsey Conley

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