5 Best Korean Winter Street Food to Eat to Keep You Warm

These Korean Foods Are Sure To Get You Into The Winter Spirit!

Winter is the perfect time to meet with friends and family and share various adventures throughout the year. With incredible stories comes excellent food, and Korea is no exception. In fact, some of these Korean winter street food is only available during the holidays. So, here are 5 popular Korean winter street food you should try in Korean. 

5 Korean Winter Street Food to Eat to Keep You Warm

#1 Bungeo-ppang (붕어빵)

Bungeo-ppang literally translates to “carp bread” or, as I typically like to call it, fish bread (물고기빵). This bread is served hot and is filled with delicious red bean paste. Shoppers can easily find this Korean winter street food at almost any street cart or tent in abundance.

The winter street food is freshly baked and kept warm, perfect for a chilly afternoon Korean snack. Alternatively, food tent goers can buy this tasty treat in the summertime with red bean paste and ice cream filled in the middle. 

    #2 Hotteok (호떡)

    Hotteok is one of the most popular treats served during the winter in Korea. The dough is rolled out and usually filled with sweet treats like nuts and syrups of all kinds, then it is fried. Topped with cinnamon or sugar, it’s a sweet treat that will warm you up in a cold winter.

    #3 Eomuk (어묵)

    Eomuk (also known as odeng) is not technically classified as a winter-only treat, but it’s definitely one of the easiest to find among Korean winter food. This squiggly-looking winter street food is a fish cake, similar to one served with tteokbokki. Put on a stick and serve with broth. This is by far one of my personal favorites! Yum!

      #4 Gyeran-ppang (계란빵)

      Gyeran-ppang translates literally to “egg bread,” and it’s precisely what it is. This special Korean winter treat can be limited as many tents only serve it in winter. A fully-cooked egg is stuffed into what could essentially be considered a muffin and then can be topped with seeds or diced ham. 

      In Myeongdong, a district in Seoul, you will find these everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

        #5 Gonggal-ppang (공갈빵)

        Surprise! This warm bread has a little secret to it. Although it’s a highly stuffed and fluffy look, it is actually hollow inside. It is literally empty bread! But do not let this fool you. The bread is one of the best Korean winter food to have. It is absolutely delicious similar to Mexican Sopapilla.

        It is often served with seeds and honey, offering a new experience for travelers in Korea during the winter. It is best paired with a hot drink.

          So now that you’re armed with the knowledge of all the fantastic treats available in Korea during the winter, I think it’s time that you hit the streets with an empty stomach and maybe stop at each food tent while you’re at it. Happy Eating!

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