Korean Snacks to Treasure with ATEEZ

Korean Snacks to Treasure with ATEEZ

For only having debuted late last year (October 24, 2018 to be exact), ATEEZ is already carving out their place in the K-pop canon. With dance cover after dance cover and now anthem after anthem, ATEEZ burst onto the scene with strong performances, a distinct sound, and a concept on all their own. But if they were one of Fever Guys’ favorite snacks, which would each of the ATEEZ members be? We took a gander and chose the following! Hopefully ATINY approves!

Hongjoong – Smoky Bacon Chips

Hongjoong is one of those idols that we worry does not get enough sleep. From producing quite a few songs for ATEEZ to leading the group as its designated leader, Hongjoong has a lot going on, and I know ATINY is grateful that he somehow manages to do it all with grace and a heart-eyes-inducing smile. Because he does it all and then some, Hongjoong reminds us of Smoky Bacon Chips, a snack every snack should strive to be.

Seonghwa – Lotte Ice Yogurt

Seonghwa is the cleanest member of ATEEZ, which made us think there was no better representation of him than Lotte Ice Yogurt. The design of the packaging is clean and plays on the iconic-ness of the original Lotte Yogurt—two words that could not describe Seonghwa more, too: clean and iconic…well, except maybe kind, supportive, talented…

Yunho – Turtle Chips

Is Yunho the funniest member of ATEEZ? He is! Ever since the group took that trip to the water park, ATINY has gotten to see just how goofy Yunho is, and we love it! Couple that with his insane dance and choreography skills, and we think you’d get something pretty similar to a Corn Soup-Flavored Turtle Chip: a unique snack that’s a little silly but still trendy, hot, and blowing minds all day, every day.

Yeosang – Lotte Lollipop Ice Candy

How does the rest of ATEEZ get anything done with Yeosang in close proximity? If we were blessed enough to spend time with Yeosang, most of us at Fever Guys would be frozen just off visuals alone, enjoying the view. His incredible good looks but sweet soul instantly make us think of Lotte Lollipop Ice Candy, which has a similar exterior and interior as Yeosang!

San – Kotgerang Crab Chips

San is overflowing with aegyo, both natural and refined—remember his self-made teaser video pre-debut? Similarly, Kotgerang Crab Chips are one of the most adorable snacks on earth thanks to their tiny sea critter shapes. As such, we’re thinking San and Crab Chips might be cut from the same cutie-patootie cloth!

Mingi – Corn Chee

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How come it’s always the deepest voices in K-pop that have the sweetest faces?! Everytime we hear Mingi’s low-tone rap, we can feel it in our bones. Then he smiles, and our hearts overflow with joy! The only other time we’ve felt this mix of emotions is when we’ve chowed down on a couple of bags of Corn Chee chips… A coincidence? I think not!

Wooyoung – Banana Power Cap

Enjoying a Banana Power Cap on a warm day is almost as refreshing as watching Wooyoung dance—the dude can move! The combination of his sweet-as-can-be face and his…ahem, flavorful…dance moves reminds us of a Banana Power Cap because it too is sweet with a flavor that can’t be missed.

Jongho – Kikiriki Drumstix (Original Chicken Flavored)

There is a lot of power packed into ATEEZ’s maknae, just like there’s power-packed flavor in each bite-sized Kikiriki Chicken-Flavored Dumstix! Also, the tiny drumstick-shaped morsels remind us of muscles, and Jongho is definitely the muscle pig—chicken?—of ATEEZ!

Go stream “Say My Name,” “Treasure,” “Pirate King,” and “Hala Hala” and be blessed by the genius that is ATEEZ, Fever Guys fam!

Which snack would you pick?

Cover Image: ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)

Written by Kayla Webb

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