Korean Snacks Raising the Bar

Korean Snacks Raising the Bar

Korea has been raising the bar in many departments, inspiring the rest of the world from music to food. They have even continually released snacks that are both delicious and unique! Check out this variety of snack bars:

Market O Chocolate Bars

If you’re looking for an indulgent and rich dessert or snack, Market O Chocolate Bars just might have your name on them! These bars are sweet from both chocolate and various fillings. With the release of special flavours such as Cold Brew Tiramisu and Strawberry Tart, there are many unique and decadent ones to choose from as well.

Sweet Red Bean Jelly Bar

If chocolate isn’t quite your taste or you just would like to try something new or different, then Haitai may have something that interests you. The company offers a bar of sweet red bean jelly, also known as yanggaeng.

Coffee Jelly Bar

Haitai also offers a coffee-flavoured jelly bar for all you coffee addicts out there who just can’t get enough!

Crunky Double Crunch Bar

This chocolate bar packs a lot in a small package! It’s both chewy and crunchy with the saltiness of peanuts and sweetness of chocolate, and to top it off, there’s gooey caramel! Did I mention a creamy nougat center?

Melon Cake

Who doesn’t love melon and who doesn’t love cake? Answer: no one. Maybe this one isn’t exactly a snack bar, but it sure looks like one!

Strawberry Mochi Kit Kats

You’re probably familiar with Kit Kats; maybe even Japanese Kit Kats, which boast many unique flavours, including Matcha Green Tea and Apple. Kit Kat Korea also has unique flavours, such as a yummy Strawberry Mochi.

Kicker Chocolate Bars

If you can’t get enough of that delicious and crispy combination of chocolate with wafer biscuit, then you should try Korea’s Kicker chocolate bars! Kicker is basically a Kit Kat-inspired chocolate bar by Crown. They, too, offer a green tea flavour.

Ghana Chocolate Bars

A classic. If you’re a lover of a traditional chocolate bar, you must try Lotte’s Ghana chocolate bars! You can’t go wrong.

Dr. You 99kcal Light Bar

If you’re looking for a lighter, healthier snack, this bar is low in calories and full of nutrition to help energize you for the day! Oats and honey never fail to give both sweetness and fiber.

Rococo Chocolate Bars

This is another chocolate bar for lovers of fruit and chocolate combinations. This brand of chocolate has two dark chocolate bars for those who love berries: strawberry yogurt and blueberry vanilla yogurt.

Free Time Choco Bar

This is a great energy-booster for when you’re on the go! Consider it a Korean Snickers bar. It comes in a couple of flavours, including peanut, almond, and crispy.

Want more delicious snacks, particularly chocolate bars? The "I ❤ Chocolate" box is the perfect pick for you!

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