Korean Green Tea Snacks That You Have To Try

Korean Green Tea Snacks That You Have To Try

Meet your matcha! Green tea is the flavor invading every type of food.

by Rachelle Dragani

Green tea is great, but why drink just a regular ol' cup of green tea when you can eat a cookie koala filled with green tea flavored cream? That seems to be the thinking in Korea, where matcha and green tea snacks are all the rage right now.

There are some mixed opinions as to whether green tea snacks actually taste like green tea. Many of the foods take on the creaminess of matcha, but have an extra kick of sweetness that you don't usually get while drinking green tea. Some people think all green tea snacks just taste like white chocolate. There's only one way to find out! Snag some of these green tea snacks for yourself and see what you think. You heard it here first: O'Sulloc's Green Tea Milk Spread is the next Nutella.

So far, the green tea Oh Yes Choco Cakes don't seem to be generating the same kind of frenzy that Banana Choco Pies did, but there's still time.

Don't forget: green tea in frozen form is just as delicious (or more so!) as the original.

If you're a 90's kid, you may remember the chocolate or strawberry version of these koala bad boys, but now you can get them in matcha as well!

No Korean snack list would be complete without a K-pop star's version of Pepero. EXO rides the matcha hype train with their Pepero collab! Green Tea Exo Pepero You might have to travel all the way to Korea for this one, but it seems worth it. The green tea desserts at Seoul's popular Sobok Cafe are legendary. Treat yourself to a green tea bingsu, some creamy matcha ice cream, green tea mochi, or all of the above.

Got any favorites we forgot? Let us know in the comments! And while we're on the topic of great green tea gobbles, why not check out some green tea candy, green tea cookies, and our special Afternoon Tea Time box?

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