Korean Beauty Vloggers to Follow

Korean Beauty Vloggers to Follow

For the past few years, Korean beauty products have sky-rocketed in popularity around the world. This interest has led to foreign interest in YouTubers who specialize in reviewing and testing out these cosmetics. While many of the Korean beauty vloggers have had a strong following in South Korea, the large influx of international viewers has lead certain YouTuber’s to rise in even more in popularity.

In 2019, there are an abundance of YouTubers who create beauty vlogs, and then there are those beauty vloggers who specify in Korean beauty, meaning, the brands they use in their videos are primarily if not entirely, Korean brand name beauty products. Their videos range from tutorials of how to attain a natural make-up look to reviews about brand name cosmetics such as TONYMOLY, Laneige, or others.

PONY Syndrome

A well-known Korean YouTuber amongst make-up lovers. She has been active since 2015, Park Hye-Min, who goes by the screen name of PONY Syndrome, has been creating stunning looks. Her makeovers range from simple looks to bold designs. One of her most popular videos is Taylor Swift Transformation Make-up. In this video she basically transforms into Taylor Swift, it is jaw-dropping, to say the least. Since her beginnings on YouTube, PONY has created her own line of brand make-up called Pony Effect and is also the make-up artist for CL!

Edward Avila

You’re missing out if you have not had a chance to check out Edward Avila. While not a constant beauty vlogger, when he does post, he has some very interesting make-up reviews of Korean products. One of Edward’s most viewed posts is Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bars in which Edward Avila, as the title states, reviews Laneige’s two-tone lip tint bars. His make-up tutorials are helpful for those looking for makeovers that are not too out there, but still want to try something new.

Joan Kim

Joan Kim is a beauty vlogger who has been on YouTube since 2009. She has a variety of content on her channel. Most videos are about Korean skincare and beauty, but she also has clothing hauls and vlogs about traveling. Joan’s most viewed video is How I Got Rid of Acne Scars & Hyperpigmentation with Korean Skincare. Her channel contains many helpful lifestyle and beauty tips!

Sunny’s Channel

When she is not working in broadcasting at SBS, Sunny Park can be found posting lifestyle and beauty vlogs on YouTube. She posts videos about popular idols make-up styles and tutorials of how to copy the look, recreating idols’ make-up from performances or music videos. Sunny’s most viewed video is EXID Hani L.I.E Showcase Makeup Tutorial.


Arguably, one of the most followed Korean beauty influencers, Risabae, also known as Lee Sa-bae, is known for her personality and intriguing make-up tutorials. Once a make-up artist for AOA and EXID, she has gained a large following on both YouTube and Instagram. Her videos also focus on doing make-up covers of idols. One of Risabae’s most popular videos is SUNMI - Gashina Cover Makeup Tutorial l 이사배(Risabae Makeup).

These YouTubers, and more are aiding in the popularity of Korean beauty products. While we’ve only mentioned a few, there are so many more vloggers to watch. All of whom have their own take on Korean products, as well as different make-up styles.

What other Korean beauty YouTubers do you like? What are some of your favorite videos from them? Comment down below and keep up in your beauty vlogger loop!

Written by Avery Souders

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