Korea’s Architecture - Start Your Journey Here!

Korea’s Architecture - Start Your Journey Here!

Architecture is all around us, and comes in all different shapes and sizes, each structure having its own theme—historical, modern, artsy. There’s no denying that some are quite interesting, if not outstanding, and each country has their own way of designing their infrastructure, even if there are only slight differences. Many get their influences from other countries or their own country’s history.

If you’re interested in the amazing complexes that stand tall across the world, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few of Korea’s most amazing and well-known architectural structures:


Everyone knows the beautiful gorgeous temples that stand proud in several Korean districts, with their uniquely designed pointed roofs and their bright vivid colours, and we’re all familiar with the large gates and towering walls that guard and surround each and every one of these temples and the villages within. Needless to say, they are breathtaking!

Changgyeongung Palace – Originally built in 1484 and re-built in 1618

Bongeunsa Temple – Founded in 794 and refurbished in 1498

Changdeok Palace – Built in 1405, and re-built from 1592

Of course, these are just a few of the amazing palaces, temples, tombs, and gardens that stand proud in Korea, so once you’ve admired these beauties, why not a take a look at the others that are awaiting your arrival?


With modern architecture constructed this century, we don’t really see specific themes other than unique and quite futuristic. Shapes that you never actually knew were possible to turn into a building, and structures that are just truly magnificent. Below are some examples of the modern contemporary architecture that lies within Korea today:

Dongdaemun Design Plaza – Construction began in 2009

Boutique Monaco – Built in 2008

Kring Kumho Culture Complex – Built in 2008

Again, this is only a few of the plethora of buildings and structures that are out there, so if these intrigue you, why not look at some others?

We hope you see the stunning architecture that’s in Korea, and maybe even have something to add onto your itinerary!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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