Korea-Based YouTubers 🎥

Korea-Based YouTubers 🎥

You’re looking to kill time and cure boredom by mindlessly scrolling through your YouTube subscriptions, but you’ve already watched everything you could possibly watch... If you have interest in anything from living in Korea, makeup, skincare, Korean cafes, K-pop to simple vlogs, this small list of English-speaking YouTubers based in Korea should keep you occupied for at least a little while!

Joan Kim

Joan is perhaps one of the more popular Korean YouTubers and is known mostly for her beauty and lifestyle videos on her main channel, and vlogs on her second channel, joanday. She is a Korean-American, based in Seoul, and her vlogs often showcase Korean cafe culture, shopping, travelling and hole-in-the-wall locations around Korea. Her main channel consists of extensive skin-care routines, makeup reviews with an aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic editing style. If you’re an avid watcher of her vlogs, you might even find a cameo of your favourite K-pop idol. So if you’re looking for a feel-good, relaxing YouTuber to watch, both of Joan’s channels should keep you occupied.

Edward Avila

Edward is a close friend of Joan’s and makes similar beauty and lifestyle videos, but with a comedic twist and fast-paced editing style. He makes videos mainly focusing on makeup, such as makeup reviews, idol-inspired makeup looks, and makeovers, while also doing videos such as skincare, vlogs, and Monsta X reaction videos. His videos are perfect if you’re in the mood for a laugh and lighthearted content.


Nessie is a university student from Australia who is on exchange in Korea, studying at Seoul University. If the thought of going to Korea for exchange has ever crossed your mind, Nessie makes exchange seem like everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Her videos focus predominantly on her exchange experience including her study vlogs, friend hang outs, and general Seoul University campus life videos. She is also a blogger, which means her videos are always pleasing to the eye, with pretty food shots and scenery of Seoul landscapes. She also travels beyond Seoul to smaller cities within Korea in case exchange doesn’t particularly interest you, and some of her vlogs feature the occasional K-pop concert or festival!

Marie’s Kawaii World

This channel is slightly different than the others, in that it is more catered towards a family audience with a focus on food and travel. Marie is a mother of two young girls, and together with her husband, their family travel vlogs are simple and informative—best for when you are planning a holiday and looking for activities that the whole family can enjoy. Their family is currently based in Seoul, South Korea but if you scroll far enough down you will find videos from when they were based in Japan. Besides vlogs, she also posts videos such as travel guides, toy unboxings, and skincare routines.

cari cakes

Cari’s channel is heavily focused on her life in Korea and enjoying the simpler things in life. Her videos often consist of adorable little Korean cafes, thrift shopping, corgi-sightings and travel vlogs in Korean cities beyond Seoul accompanied by mellow jingles for background music. She has a unique, vintage aesthetic and this can be seen through everything from her video thumbnails to her apartment layout. Cari’s videos are great for when you’re in need of a relaxing video with leafy green aesthetics to remind you to appreciate the small things in life.


Christine’s channel is relatively new compared to the others in this list, she is also a lifestyle vlogger and her videos often have a heavy focus on her experiences as a K-pop idol. Her series Idol Insider is perhaps made up of the most popular videos on her channel, in which she discusses the good, the bad and the ugly side of being a K-pop idol in reference to topics such as contracts, dieting, and dating. Amongst this, she also makes general lifestyle videos including travel vlogs and favorites videos.

With this list of YouTubers based in Korea, you should have enough binging content to last you for a while. Who are your favorite Korea-based YouTubers? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Stephanie Leung

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