Kimchi Smaller Than a Fingernail? It's Real. And It's Cute.

Kimchi Smaller Than a Fingernail? It's Real. And It's Cute.

There are bite-size foods, and then there are itty-bitty size foods.

by Rachelle "Roach"

You know how sometimes you just want a little bite of something? Not a full meal, not a whole bag of chips -- just a bite. YouTuber Mimine Mini has you covered. But be warned: when we say small, we mean itty-bitty, eensy-weensy, almost impossibly tiny, SMALL.  

  That's real! Mimine makes it all happen using real food, with tiny tools and appliances she fashioned from clay.

Fingernail-sized kimchi heads

Tteokguk (Rice Cake Soup) the size of a quarter!

Mini Gimbap!

Carving a mini Christmas turkey

  Mimine has tons of pretend mini snacks made from clay, too.

Pint-sized Pepero

  Mini My Chews

An adorable bowl of ramyun

  Don't get these potato chips stuck between your teeth!

The truest testament to just how tiny that rice cooker is? Look how big those grains of rice look in that cooker! Another great video includes a wee packet of instant ramyeon. Mimine starts completely from scratch, making real noodles using cute teensy eggs, a literal pinch of flour, and small portions of the actual spices from a pack of Shin Ramyeon.


Starting to feel very zen right now? Want to just shut it all down and do nothing but watch these videos in your pajamas all day? You’re not alone. Mimine’s videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views. People on Reddit, Twitter, and other blogs have theorized about why such videos are so addicting. Some attribute it to the calming feelings that can come from listening to everyday white noises like the bubbling of boiling water. Others say they like the level of control demonstrated in videos -- a level that is sometimes unattainable in real life. There is also the crowd that just likes the cuteness.


My theory? We’re all just a little hungry.

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