Kim Tae Hee Is The Queen Of Coffee In Korea

Kim Tae Hee Is The Queen Of Coffee In Korea

As one of Korea's biggest sweethearts, Kim Tae Hee is an obvious choice for sweet Korean coffee!

by James Bbang

Koreans have loved their coffee ever since it was introduced to the royalty and wealthy sometime way back in the 18th century. As it became introduced to everyone else, the coffee took on its own unique identity and taste as dabang coffee -- often very sweet with plenty of milk or cream. Dabang coffee is a traditional drink that is still consumed today, and it makes sense that one of Korea's sweethearts is the face of a leading brand! Actress Kim Tae Hee features in a line of CFs, or commercials (among many others) for Namyang's French Cafe Mix coffee packets. Let Kim Tae Hee introduce you to the sweet world of Korean coffee as she brings a cup to a group of very talented singer-songwriters. Do you recognize any of them?

Lee Juck believes this coffee's great taste is a lie (거짓말, pronounced guh-jeet-mahl)! It can't be this good...could it?

French Cafe Mix Lies - Kim Tae Hee

Kwak Jin-eon (Superstar K6 winner) thinks the coffee is amazing! (놀라워, pronounced nohl-lah-woe) French Cafe Mix Amazing - Kim Tae Hee

John Park, on the other hand, thinks it's nonsensical how the coffee is still so deliciously sweet, even with 25% less sugar. (말도안돼, pronounced mahl-doe-ahn-dwe) French Cafe Mix Nonsense - Kim Tae Hee

In another CF, Kim Tae Hee reunites with her co-star from the 2004 K-drama Love Story In Harvard, Kim Rae Won! She reminds us to love our bodies and treat them right with some delicious, healthy coffee.

  Kim then invited fellow actors Lee Sang-yoon, Park Bo-young, and Park Hae-jin to try it out, too!

  What's better than a hot cup of coffee right out of bed? There aren't too many answers to that.


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