Keep Calm and Drink Tea: Traditional Korean Teas for Summer

Keep Calm and Drink Tea: Traditional Korean Teas for Summer

As the spring months speed by, we are soon welcoming the warmth of summer. Green trees, fresh smell, ice cream along with... sweat, headaches, and tiredness? As the usual scheme of things goes, summer has its own set of cons. However, over time we have devised ways to beat the summer heat with our iced drinks and cool beverages. But what if we told you a warm cup of tea can also be your partner-in-crime in your battle against the scorching heat and everything else summer months bring?

Surprised? Well, let's go through several traditional tea drinks that have been around for years. We assure you, at the end of this tour, you will be left feeling all the more hopeful and positive for your summer plans!


  • Omija-cha (오미자차)

This tea drink is made solely for the harsh summer months. Loosely translated into “five-taste tea,” omija-cha comes from dried magnolia berries. This tea can be added to hot water for the perfect warm beverage one needs after a hard day of work. For the iced tea addicts out there, this tea serves your needs as well! Add cold water to get yourself a refreshing drink.

In addition to serving as the perfect summer drink, omija tea has several properties that aid detoxification and low blood pressure among other things.

  • Maesil-cha (매실차)

Green plums are primarily grown during the summer months. Not only is this fruit perfect as it is, but it can also be used to specially brew some delicious tea. Maesil-cha is perfect for your tired days.

We all have those days where all we want to do is lay in bed and enjoy some rom-com. To make your days better, maesil-cha is perfect to wind down with a good movie and snacks.  

  • Yuja-cha (유자차)

Just thinking of fresh fruit during the summer months is making my mouth water! This citrusy drink will do exactly the same. Yuja tea is made from yuja marmalade. By mixing hot water with this marmalade, we get this warm beverage.

Your senses are going to thank you because not only is this tea delicious to drink, but has an amazing aroma!


One of the things that make Korean tea drinks unique is that you have the option to choose whether you want to have the drink warm or cool. Korea has its own set of iced tea flavors that can’t be missed out on!

  • Iced barley tea (보리차)

Iced barley tea will cater to your caffeine needs without putting your health at risk. This non-caffeinated drink is a perfect summer drink that is going to refresh your mind, body, and spirit!

For those of you wondering how you can enjoy this drink in the comfort of your house, worry not, because you can find ready to go packets of this cold brew goodness. Add the tea bag to cold water, and get your summer iced drink!

  • Iced matcha green tea latte

Imagine a creamy, flavourful, refreshing tea drink, and we'll present to you this green tea latte, a tea drink that takes tea to a whole new level!

Need a little pick me up in the morning? Tired from work and looking for a drink for your afternoon break? Sugar cravings skyrocketing? Well, this tea will be able to soothe all the needs and leave you energized to power through the rest of the day.


  • Maemil-cha (메밀차)

Maemil-cha, or buckwheat tea, is made from roasted buckwheat and is popular in not only Korea but also in Japan and China. This tea drink, like other traditional Korean drinks, can be consumed either hot or cold. Perfect both for hot afternoons and cooler nights! This drink is high in antioxidants and is perfect to beat stress.

When we say this tea will make your heart warm, we mean it both figuratively and literally. Filled with mono and saturated fats, maemil-cha lowers cholesterol and thus leaves your heart healthy and happy!

  • Ginger Tea (생강차)

You don’t have to break the bank and go to an expensive cafe to enjoy this drink because, with only a few ingredients, you can make your very own ginger tea. Boil water to add ginger and cinnamon and serve yourself this magical cup of goodness!

Although this tea is primarily used to beat cough and throat issues, you can have the ginger tea to help with your sweet cravings. Add honey, nuts, and jujube; and drink this tea with some cool orange slices tailored to perfection for the summer heat!

  • Roasted Rice Tea

Roasted rice tea is made from, well you guessed it, rice! Roasted rice gives off a nutty taste. For those of you trying to eat healthier, this drink is going to aid that process. Filled with antioxidant and digestion properties, this drink is both healthy and delicious.

You may not get used to the taste immediately. However, once you do, you will end up drinking it by the gallon!  

For tea-addicts and tea newbies, venture out to this magnificent world of Korean tea and try out all of these delicious drinks!

Have you tried these and do you have a favorite? Tell us everything!

Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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