K-Pop Love Songs to Jam Out to this Valentine's Day

K-Pop Love Songs to Jam Out to this Valentine's Day

Smooth chocolate, pink hearts, red roses, and fluffy teddy bears can only mean one thing... Valentine's Day! Whether you're staying in, hanging out with friends, or going out with your significant other, you need a playlist to set the mood. Here are some K-pop love songs to jam out to this Valentine's Day. 

"Loveholic" - Lee Bada

A light and airy R&B ballad, "Loveholic" expresses the dizzy disorientation of developing feelings for someone for the first time. This song perfectly captures the innocence of a crush, but also the consuming thoughts one experiences during the primary stages of said crush. 

"Let Me" - Got7

Veering on a more classic R&B ballad, this song is perfect to belt out in the shower. Similar "Loveholic", "Let Me" is meat to be dedicated to someone you like. It depicts the desire to be near that special someone and show them what they mean to you.

"Euphoria" - BTS

Straying away from the more typical ballads, BTS' "Euphoria" is a bold confession of love; they make you happy and you want to shout it for everyone to hear. This song gives a nostalgic feel, making you think fondly of the cause of your euphoria (see what we did there?).

"Text Me" - DPR Live

Getting away from the previous genres a bit, "Text Me" is a flirty rap song perfect to sing along to. Upbeat and energetic, it'll surely have your heart racing, the same way you'd feel if you shot your crush a quick text. 

"Perhaps Love" - Eric Nam and Cheeze 

Slowing it down once more, "Perhaps Love" is a stunningly sweet duet ballad expressing the transition between liking someone and loving them. With romantic lyrics like, "my heart keeps saying it's you, it yells until the whole world can hear; why has it taken so long for me to hear it?" It'll be the perfect soundtrack for your own rom-com! 

"Crush on You" - Lee Bada

Coming full circle, it ends as it started with Lee Bada. "Crush on You" is another song that tells of a desire to be around that special someone. With smooth vocals and a relaxed beat, it's the perfect song to end your Valentine's Day festivities. 

We hope you enjoy this mini playlist created especially for you! Do you have any V-Day songs you think we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

Cover Image: Lee Bada (Neuron Music)
Written by Elodie Hollant

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