K-Pop Idols Who Are YouTubers

K-Pop Idols Who Are YouTubers

For many international fans of K-pop, YouTube is where most of us first discovered our favourite idols, groups, or even K-pop in general! Whether it was the viral “Gangnam Style” by PSY, watching one of our favourite YouTubers reacting to a compilation of K-pop videos, seeing a snippet of a K-Pop MV on the Fine Brothers’ “React” series, or discovering a MV through the infamous YouTube “trending section,” YouTube is where our love for K-pop began. And YouTube is where our K-pop obsession grows through watching “Unhelpful Guide” videos, funny moments compilations, or streaming your fav’s new MV to break a record-- oftentimes late into the night-- usually, until 3 A.M.

Fortunately, there are now even more ways to fuel our love for K-pop on YouTube. Many of our favourite idols see YouTube as an opportunity and outlet not only to express themselves as individuals but to also engage with fans more openly.

With many idols from different groups and backgrounds, there is a great variety of content posted! You may just discover your new favourite K-pop idol or YouTuber!

Here is a list of a few K-pop idols who you may not know are also YouTubers.

1.    Amber from f(x) (Amber Liu/What The Pineapple)

Amber, a favourite of the girl group f(x), started her YouTube channel, known as “What The Pineapple” back in 2015-- so there are now plenty of videos available for your nightly binge! Early videos often include Amber and her friends (this includes the great Eric Nam) doing challenges or simply goofing off!

Amber took a break for awhile but has come back better than ever with posting not only the fun challenge videos with her friends that we had come to know and love but also vlogs, collabs, song covers, and original music videos! She directs and edits her videos too!

2.     Henry Prince Mak, formerly a member of JJCC (Henry Prince Mak)

Henry Prince Mak is a former member of the hip-hop boy group JJCC formed by Jackie Chan. Since his departure, he focuses on acting and his YouTube channel where he mainly posts videos about what it was like as a K-pop idol, inside looks into the K-pop industry including controversial subjects, but also fun collabs with other famous friends like GOT7’s Jackson or Chinese-Australian YouTuber, Wengie!

3.    Coco from CocoSori (Rilaccoco)

Coco is ½ of the K-pop duo CoCoSoRi, but she has started to be known independently as a YouTuber. She started uploading videos in 2016, a year after she debuted in CoCoSoRi. She consistently uploads, whether it’s makeup or skincare videos, fun vlogs of her sharing personal stories, going out with friends, or sharing behind-the-scenes looks inside what it is like for an idol at events like “Music Bank”! She is also good friends with popular YouTuber Edward Avila and they often appear in each other’s videos. With her sweet and bubbly personality and fun videos in which you get to see what K-pop idols schedules are like at events, you will definitely want to watch!

4.    Hoya, former member of INFINITE/soloist (REAL HOYA)

Hoya, a former member of the boy band INFINITE and current soloist, started his YouTube channel back in 2015 and has continued to upload on-and-off covers of him singing a variety of songs, including Korean and English-- plus the occasional dance practice video!

5.     Ashley from Ladies' Code (Ashley B Choi)

Ashley is from the girl group Ladies’ Code but also recently made her solo debut. She recently started her YouTube channel this year and has continued to post with a variety of vlogs, challenges and collabs, as well as videos that allow you insight into an idol’s personal life with “A Day in the Life” and “What I Eat In a Day” videos.

6.     Jae from DAY6 (JaeSix)

Jae is currently a member of the boy band DAY6, former host of After School Club, and an active YouTuber! Jae started his YouTube channel last year under the clever pun of a name “JaeSix.” That name should give you a hint of the kind of content Jae produces. He posts hilarious and fun videos, vlogs, and Q&As! It’s not uncommon for Jae to post a video that features another popular K-pop idol (Amber, Khun of 2PM, Sorn of CLC, Lim of Togeworl, NakJoon, Sam from The Rose, and, of course, fellow DAY6 members)! Jae is definitely one to subscribe to.

Note: The editor of his videos, Byron, is also kind of cool, funny, and loves K-pop as much as we do so you should check out his personal YouTube channel for more K-pop fun (bonus: he’s friends with Jae and Amber).

7.     Bomi from Apink (뽐뽐뽐)

Bomi from girl group Apink also recently created her YouTube channel this year with the goal to communicate with fans during the times that she is not promoting. Her videos give a fun insight into her daily life. She has already posted a variety of videos including diet, skincare, and ASMR videos, vlogs, and unboxings of fans gifts to her!

8.     Luna from f(x) (Luna’s Alphabet)

Also from girl group f(x), Luna has been posting consistently on her YouTube channel for two years! There is now officially “four seasons” of “Luna’s Alphabet” with a wide range of videos from beauty-based videos, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes in an idol’s life including practices and events (and there’s videos featuring Amber for f(x) lovers)!

9.     Minhwan from FTISLAND (ChoiMinHwan)

Manhwan is known for being a member of the rock band FTISLAND. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and still occasionally posts. His videos are primarily focus videos of his drumming during performances. For a while, he consistently did live-streams of his playing video games for fans, but they are not posted on the channel.

10.     Soohyun from Akdong Musician (Mochi Peach)

Soohyun is known for being ½ of the duo known as Akdong Musician which consists of her and her brother. Although currently on hiatus while her brother serves in the military, she is a radio DJ and YouTuber. She started her channel last year and continues to post often with a variety of fun videos including travel vlogs, ASMR, skincare recommendations, and many makeup tutorials!

11. Peniel from BtoB (POV)

Peniel, a member of the boy band BtoB, started his YouTube channel known as POV, which stands for Peniel’s Official Vlog, two years ago. Peniel posts a great variety of videos. From unboxings, promotions, vlogs, Q&As, and travels—there’s a video!

12.  Kasper, solo rapper (KASPER)

Kasper is originally known for being a contestant on “Unpretty Rapstar 2”. She later became a solo rapper while also uploading on YouTube since 2014! She began the channel by posting her original raps, then took a break, posted a couple covers, then took another break. She has since returned and has been posting regularly with hair and make-up tutorials, MVs, behind-the-scenes, and the occasional vlog or video of her talking about controversial topics in Korea.

13. G.O from MBLAQ (O.Y Couple Story)

G.O is originally known as being a vocalist in the guy group MBLAQ. After he finished serving in the military, he became an Internet personality. He and his girlfriend Choi Ye Seul have a joint YouTube channel, O.Y Couple Story that includes videos and vlogs of hang-outs with friends and dates. There’s even a video that features another former member of MBLAQ!

14.  Sandara from 2NE1 (DARA TV)

If you’re still heartbroken over 2NE1’s disbandment, never fear, Sandara is here! Sandara began the channel known as DARA TV last year so that fans would now have another way to keep up with her. She has posted exciting vlogs that include trips and vacations, daily life, and behind-the-scenes of concerts with G-Dragon and Taeyang!

*Honourable Mention*

15.     Jungkook from BTS (BANGTANTV)

Although Jungkook, the youngest member of boy band BTS, does not officially have his own personal YouTube Channel, he makes and posts videos for hobby through the band’s channel BANGTANTV (the channel also includes fun behind-the-scenes videos filmed by the members and staff). Occasionally, Jungkook posts videos that are filmed and edited by him. The videos are always posted with “G.C.F” in the title, which stands for “Golden Closet Films.” Golden Closet is Jungkook’s name for his studio in which he works, edits, and produces. It originates from his nickname “Golden Maknae.”  The videos usually consist of footage from trips and special events with the band. Although Jungkook is self-taught by tutorial videos on YouTube, his cinematography and editing appear both creative and professional.

YouTube has always been an outlet for K-pop fans to connect with their favourites from across the globe and now our favourites actively connect with us too.

Have fun binging, but don’t forget to sleep!

Cover Image: Amber Liu (SM Entertainment); Jae - DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)

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