ITZY Teases New Music Coming Soon!

ITZY Teases New Music Coming Soon!

Hey, hey, hey! MIDZYs, are you ready? It looks like your favourite rookie girl group might have a comeback right around the corner!

They’re icy but on fire — ITZY had a banger of a year in 2019 with their February debut digital single “DALLA DALLA” making them the fastest girl group to bag a first win; and shortly thereafter their first mini album It’z Icy surpassing 100,000 physical sales. This brand new JYP girl group packs a punch!

The five-member group appeared for an interview with BUILD Series on January 27th for a scoop on the U.S. leg of their ITZY? ITZY! Showcase Tour. When asked about their plans for 2020 regarding comebacks, one of the members — Lia — gave us a juicy little tidbit: turns out they’d finished shooting their new music video back before they arrived in the U.S. for their showcase tour, which means new music is definitely on its way! With a sly smile, she added that she was one hundred percent sure we would love the new video, and that we should really look forward to it! This was accentuated by enthusiastic nods from the other members. Way to get us all fired up, girls!

So, we can probably expect a new release from them sometime in February or March. Whenever it will be, ITZY’s comeback is guaranteed to be the springtime cherry on top!

Their music so far has been amazingly vibrant and energetic, giving us a fresh new take on the girl-crush concept. Their ‘I don’t care what they say’ energy is wildly contagious, and we can’t wait to see that taken to a whole new level. And with their one-year anniversary coming up on February 12, there’s bound to be some amazing content for us.

You can watch the full interview here:

Are you looking forward to new music from ITZY? What kind of fresh styles would you want to see from them? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: ITZY (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Hamsini Pratapa

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