Instagram-Worthy Flowers to See in Korea After the Cherry Blossoms Fall

Instagram-Worthy Flowers to See in Korea After the Cherry Blossoms Fall

The joyful feeling of walking through cherry blossom-lined streets in Seoul has diminished this week, as the blossom’s delicate petals litter the sidewalks after their short one-and-a-half week lifespan is up. Although these flowers are well-loved, and those lucky enough to see them in person can totally understand why, it feels a bit stressful when you have such a short time-frame to visit blossom festivals and get the perfect picture for Instagram.

So instead, let’s get familiar with some underrated but stunning flowers in Korea, so your Instagram feed can still look fresh and beautiful for springtime in Seoul. We’ve also compiled some suggested hashtags for each flower in both Korean and English to help you tag your photos!

Plum Blossoms - 매화

Plum blossoms are notable for their strong resemblance to the famous cherry blossoms. Although they have an early bloom period of mid-to-late March they are much less delicate than cherry blossoms so they stick around on the trees well into mid-April. Plum blossoms, also sometimes referred to as “apple blossoms,”  range from white to light pink to dark pink and can be a real lifesaver if you happen to just miss cherry blossom season in Seoul.

You can find plum blossoms all around Seoul’s various parks, particularly in Seonyudo Park (선유도공원).

Suggested tags: #매화, #PlumBlossoms, #꽃스타그램, #봄스타그램

Magnolia - 목련

Magnolia trees have a blossom period of late March to early April, but their large, leafy flowers can be viewed high up on trees well into late April and early May. Magnolia flowers vary in petal length and size, some being longer and thinner while others have rounded, shorter petals. Magnolia petals are mostly a creamy white color with a various amount of purple petals sprouting among them, they are soft to the touch and make a great backdrop for pictures!

You can find magnolias all across Seoul, but most commonly on university campuses such as Yonsei University or Ewha Women’s University.

Suggested tags: #목련, #Magnolia, #꽃스타그램, #봄스타그램

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Golden Bell Tree - 개나리

Golden bell trees have a blossom period of late March to early April but can be seen brightening the streets of Seoul well into the summer months. Regardless of their name, they are bushes that bloom bright yellow flowers and can bring some cheerful, spring color onto your feed.

You can find these almost everywhere in Korea, particularly on mountains and near sidewalks in cities.

Suggested tags: #개나리, #GoldenBellTree, #꽃스타그램, #봄스타그램

Azalea - 진달래

These stunning pink-purple flowers have a blossom period from early April to mid-May. While some can appear to be dark pink, most commonly they bloom as light purple flowers and stay on their shrubs well into summer.

Azalea shrubs are a bit harder to find, but wander about the sidewalks of Seoul long enough, and you’re bound to find one or two blossoming outside a coffee shop. Though, you are much more likely to find them in the mountains.

Suggested tags: #진달래, #꽃스타그램, #봄스타그램

Poppies - 양귀비

If you’re willing to take a forty-five minute train ride outside of Seoul, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to stroll through fields of red poppy flowers. For a short time in late May to early June you can experience poppy fields at Sangdong Lake Park in Bucheon.

Their bloom period is short, so you may have to brave crowds, but the fields of red flowers will be an unforgettable moment to share with all your followers.

Suggested tags: #양귀비, #Poppies, #PoppyFlowers,#PoppyFields, #꽃스타그램, #봄스타그램

Of course these aren't all the flowers you’ll be able to see during springtime in Korea, and there’s plenty of iOS and Android apps for identifying flowers by picture if you come across a bright, beautiful flower you don’t recognize. Cherry blossoms or not, there’s plenty of other floral sights to see during a spring trip to Seoul.

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Written by Justine Shaffer

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