Inside an Idol's Closet

Inside an Idol's Closet

Fashion is forever evolving, trends come and go, and it’s sometimes hard to know what’s “in.” Despite that fact, some of your favorite idols know how to stay in style without even trying! If you ever find yourself wanting to look just as stylish as these idols, but without the effort, here are some ways your faves stay looking good without trying hard.

  • IU: STUSSY Chenille Appliqué Hood

Lee Ji-eun, also known by her stage name IU, wore a white hoodie by the well-known brand, STUSSY, for her Palette Seoul Concert. The brand is known as designing “California-cool surf and streetwear,” and kept the singer looking comfy and stylish for her performance!

  • Lisa of BLACKPINK: Otter Things T-Shirt

The Thai singer, Lisa from girl group BlackPink, wore a Georgia Aquarium t-shirt inspired by the Netflix Original Stranger Things. Pairing it with simple mom jeans and white sneakers made for a cute effortless look.

  • Jungkook of BTS: FILA Disruptor 2 Shoes

The iconic “Dad shoes” have been on a trend for quite a while now, and vocalist Jungkook has made quite a few appearances wearing the chunky shoe on his off days. Having paired it with loose fitting clothing gave a look that’s comfortable yet stylish.

  • Jaehyun of NCT 127: HOODLAB Hoodie

For cold chilly nights, singer Jaehyun likes to keep warm in this Rights Removed HOODLAB hoodie. Although basics are essential in everyone’s closet, this not-so-typical grey hoodie gives the everyday basic a small twist.

  • Yujin of IZ*ONE: Comme Des Garçons Play Play Cardigan

The young idol, Ahn Yujin, posed for an Instagram picture in a simple beige cardigan for one of her trips. However, the brands signature heart logo spices up what could be a plain cardigan into something with a little more flare to it.

  • DPR Live: Converse x Golf Wang Le Fleur Black T-Shirt

A black t-shirt is essential for everyone’s closet. However, the Korean hip-hop artist, Hong Dabin, shakes things up a little with this graphic tee, styling it with some plain blue jeans and a pair of bright yellow sneakers, making an everyday basic t-shirt, not so basic.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good, nor do you have to put in a lot of effort. These idols have been able to prove that just by making minor changes can affect the overall look of their style.

What are some of your favorite pieces mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Briseida Rivera

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