Idol, Fashionista, Celebrity...Fried Chicken Ambassador?

Idol, Fashionista, Celebrity...Fried Chicken Ambassador?

Don’t be chicken to advertise chicken!

by RoyalCha

Fried chicken is just about the most staple fast food in Korea. Just like McDonald’s in the US, you can’t walk a couple blocks without seeing a chicken restaurant or two on the streets of Seoul. Its duality as a delicious, crispy meal for kids, and the perfect partner to beer for adults makes it loved by all, and a serious business opportunity when it comes to advertising.

Seventeen Chicken Advertisement

If an actor, idol, comedian, or any other type of K-Celeb becomes a Fried Chicken Ambassador, you know they’ve made it big! Only the top stars get to advertise for pleasantly fried poultry.


Suzy Chicken Advertisement

This isn’t a new concept, either. K-Celebs who were the hottest during their eras have been showcasing fried chicken since the beginning of the Korean media boom. Here’s a look at some of the best, older fried chicken commercials. Shinhwa

TVXQ (5 members)


And now for some newer, more updated commercials!


Girl’s Day



Which chicken commercial was your favorite? Have any others at the top of your list? Share them with us! We may not be able to delivered hot, fried chicken to your door, but we’ve got Chicken Macho and Chicken Fire Ramyun! 

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