Idol Dog Grooming 101 by Grace Pet Grooming

Idol Dog Grooming 101 by Grace Pet Grooming

K-pop stars across all ages and companies have never been shy to show off their precious pets. And of course, these pets, beloved by fans and their idol owners alike, receive nothing less than the utmost grooming treatments, with experiences comparable to those of their human counterparts. 

Grace Pet Grooming in Seoul has specialized in dog grooming since 2014 and regularly takes in many celebrity pooches, from the likes of BLACKPINK to SNSD. 

The salon not only specializes in grooming dogs but also acts as a ritzy “home away from home” for dogs while their owners are away, which is a perfect service for idols with busy domestic and overseas schedules. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie often leaves her dogs Kuma and Kai in the care of Grace Pet Groomers, and the dogs often appear on the business's Instagram page. What’s even more heartwarming is the influx of BLINKs leaving loving messages on all the posts of Jennie’s dogs. 

SNSD’s Soo-Young’s dogs are also frequent guests at the groomer; it isn’t hard to find her dogs Suri and Cherri spending a lot of their time in the care of these groomers. 

There are many other beautiful dogs to be seen while scrolling through Grace Pet Groomer’s Instagram, and in fact, dog grooming videos have been trending a lot on Instagram in 2019. Particularly videos from Korean groomers that show the cutest of the cute poodles, Pomeranians, and other lapdogs getting five-star hair trims and blowouts. 

In our heart of hearts, we would love to think that Grace Pet Groomers would allow you to toss a ball around for Jennie or Sooyoung’s dogs if you asked politely (although, we don’t encourage it). Because in some ways, saying you got to play fetch with Jennie’s dog is almost just as cool as meeting Jennie herself. 

Cover Image: Choi Soo-Young (SNSD)
Written by Justine Shaffer

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