How To Have a Gourmet Meal from Convenience Store Snacks

How To Have a Gourmet Meal from Convenience Store Snacks

You probably think that convenience store food is purely for convenience. It sure is convenient to grab a snack or cup noodles from the store, but in Korea, it's possible for you to have a gourmet and hearty meal in the convenience store. Here are the top five combinations you must try with Korean convenience store food. 

5. Fire Noodle Risotto


Ingredients: Fire Noodles, Rice, Cheese, Egg

This is a classic. An essential for every K-food lover. Put rice and cheese in the bowl of Fire Noodles and microwave it. Top it with egg, and that's it! This creates a Korean version of an Italian Dish, Risotto. When you have a spoonful of that cheesy rice, you'll understand the hype around this combination. 

4. Wanna One Daniel Jungsik

Ingredients: Black Noodle (Jjajangmyun) Ramen, Fire Noodle Ramen, a pinch of pepper and chili powder


 What do you do if you want to eat both the spicy ramen and the black noodle ramen? I recommend you try the Wanna One Kang Daniel Jungsik if you are going through this dilemma. Mix the black noodle ramen with the fire noddle ramen and season it with some pepper and chili powder. Once you try this combination, you will never want to go back to eating the regular ramen noodles.


3. Benzz Jungsik

Ingredients: Slice pizza, chicken, Tteokbokki, Mozzarella Cheese

If you were ever exposed to the Hallyu Community, you probably know what "mukbang " means. "Mukbang" literally means "eating show" in Korean, and it has become a trend in the Youtube community.  The king of Korean Mukbang Benzz first announced his secret convenience store recipe on his own show, naming it the"Benzz Jungsik." All the ingredients can be found in a Korean convenient store. You first microwave a slice pizza and top it with chicken, tteokbokki, and mozzarella cheese. Then you microwave it one more time. The result? A gourmet dish that will start making you drool. 

2. Oh Gam Ja Cheese Fries

Ingredients: Oh Gam Ja Potato Chips, Slice Cheese orString Cheese, Bacon or Ham

Craving a cheesy snack in the middle of the night? Looking for a snack that can be your beer buddy? Perfect. Grab that bag of Oh Gam Ja potato chips on your kitchen counter and that cheese you have in your fridge. Top your chips with cheese and microwave it. Voilà! You got a delicious snack prepared in less than a minute. (Tip: take your snack to a whole new level by topping it with bacon or ham.)

1. Mark Jungsik

Ingredients:Giant Tteokbokki, Kok Kok Spaghetti Ramen, Sausage, String Cheese, Mozzerella Cheese

Though many believe that the creator of this recipe is Mark from Got7, it is actually his ingenious fan who created it. The steps in making this gourmet cheese dish are extremely easy. You simply mix the ramen spaghetti noodles with the ttoekbokki, then add the sausage and cheese on top. You microwave it, and there it is- the mouthwatering "Mark Jungsik."



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