How To Binge-Watch Korean Dramas In The Winter

How To Binge-Watch Korean Dramas In The Winter

It's not just your favorite K-drama idol who can keep you warm. ?

by EllieNim

EllieNim is our newest snackwriter! Her name calls for your respect. With December creeping upon us, it's that time of year all students look forward to -- winter break! There's nothing better than pretending responsibilities don't exist and spending time with family, especially when your family loves K-dramas almost as much as you. Here's how to make your K-drama watching experience TEN times better.  

Break Out The Ramen

Most college students are probably familiar with ramen, and I'm the queen of ramen in my home. If you're a fireballer, you can choose from the spiciest Korean ramen out there, or choose from trustworthy ramen hacks. If this talk of ramen is getting you hungry, you can get your own entire box of it with our best-selling Paldo Ramyun Box!   Warm Your Soul With Soups & Stews If you happened to be burned out on ramen, or it's just not your thing, you could also check out a local Korean restaurant if you have one. There's many items to choose from that warm your soul, and my favorite is the manduguk. manduguk

Manduguk is a Korean soup made of broth, dumplings, and different vegetables. Trust me, there is nothing better than sitting on the couch with your favorite blanket, your drama of choice queued up for bingeing, and a huge bowl of manduguk. Another favorite that warms my heart and soul would be yukgaejang. yukgaejang This soup will satisfy all of your spicy desires and will aid in knocking out those winter weather blues. This soup is filled with tasty vegetables and shredded beef, which can also be substituted with chicken. I've never had it with chicken, but there's a first time for everything! Who else is ready to get into some juicy drama with delicious food? I know I sure am! This winter break, watch all the dramas you can, including the premiere of Hwarang starring BTS' V, alongside many other idols! Just don't forget to try a hot Korean dish to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy inside! Maybe try making some yukgaejang too and make it a memorable experience! hwarang-intl-teaser-image

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