How Sharing Snacks is Sharing Culture

How Sharing Snacks is Sharing Culture

With a growing interest in Korean culture, many aspects of the culture have been brought to light. Not only has Korean music, television shows, and iconic locations brought in the interest of foreigners to Korean culture, but so has the food. The curiosity of well-known Korean foods has given people the chance to share what has been important to them for generations. With this interest, we can begin to spread one of the key elements of culture, the food!

Growing up, we are raised to eat the food that our parents ate and what the people before them ate; it was a part of who they were, and it becomes a part of who we are. All foods become a comfort to us that we can turn to in times that of the trial, as well as times of celebration. By sharing this we allow people to connect not only with the taste, but also the emotions and history that come with it. We continue passing on a history of culture, while adding to it by adding what we like and passing it on to not only our family but also friends.

Examples of Korean snacks that have grown in popularity due to rising interest in Korean culture are Honey Butter Chips, Pepero, and Choco Pies. Many people find food one of the easiest and most accessible ways to experience other cultures.

The popularity of Honey Butter Chips is most well-known from a mobile dating sims game called Mystic Messenger. The most loved snack by characters 707 and Yoosung, as mentioned in multiple chats.

Choco Pies are one of the most accessible and simple Korean snacks. Between two fluffy pieces of cake is a crème filling, which is all encased in a light layer of chocolate. Making it the perfect snack when you have a sweets craving, and can also be found in most markets in the Asian food section.

With the growing popularity of Korean culture we are glad we get to help spread it to you guys. Have you shared any snacks recently? Comment below which snacks you’d share with friends to express your culture, or Korean culture!

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