Hot Takes: Kimchi Fries 🍟

Hot Takes: Kimchi Fries 🍟

The sound of packaging ripping open to sweet and salty deliciousness is music to our ears, but every now and then, we love to indulge in snacks that take a little more heat. While these Korean bites take a bit more effort, it only means the results are that much more delicious!

Are you tired of the traditional French fries with some salt and ketchup? We heard you say “Yes!” so look no more, friend; and enjoy this extraordinary and extremely mouthwatering twist on fries as you’ve known them!

K.i.m.c.h.i. f.r.i.e.s. WOW!

Inspired by fusion food trucks, kimchi fries are one of the dishes through which West meets East, and our well-known fries are taken to a whole new level, topped with Korean chili powder, caramelized kimchi, and onions. To make people drool over it even more, the genius cook behind it may even add melted cheese to round everything out, and sprinkle it with bacon and scallions for more flavor!

With a crispy exterior and tender center, fries are everybody’s favorite. Kimchi is the Asian cousin of the sauerkraut, and just like any other fermented food, it’s full of nutrients and health benefits. The perfect snack for a movie night with friends, a picnic at the park, or fun party food; kimchi fries can be as much as a healthy crunch or a guilty cheat meal.

Jae Kim, owner of a food truck in Austin, Texas claims to have invented the kimchi fries by accident. Apparently, he used to sell traditional fries until one day he decided to experiment by caramelizing and putting the leftover kimchi from the day on top of the fries, and eureka! The mixture started to sell like crazy, served with some sizzling K-BBQ, cilantro sauce, and melted cheeses!

Just like any other dish, kimchi fries have many tweaks and everyone could adjust it to their own preference. Here are two ideas for your next meal!

Paleo Kimchi Fries

For a healthier option, switch the fries with oven-baked sweet potatoes, which will gift you with you the perfect umami mixture of sweet and spicy. What's more, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you could easily swipe the cheese for some spicy mayo sauce, radishes, and fresh herbs.

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries

Classic dish meets modern twist in this bulgogi and kimchi fries combo! Go for traditional deep-fried French fries covered with greasy, but oh-so-tasty beef, some spicy kimchi, mixed with toasted sesame seeds, onions, and of course, grated cheese to make everything ten times better.

One could go pretty crazy with toppings—crispy bacon, diced avocado, grilled mushrooms, nuts, and seeds, or literally anything that your stomach is craving at that moment. There is no right or wrong answer to which kimchi fries version is the best! The Fever Guys Fam will leave it up to you to decide.

Make sure to comment below how YOU would style your fries or if you’ve tasted them before, please share with others your experience!

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Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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