Here’s a Taste of What You Can Find Inside the SMTOWN Cafe

Here’s a Taste of What You Can Find Inside the SMTOWN Cafe

In my gift guide for SMTOWN’s Gift Shop, I noted that the shop itself is part of a much larger exhibit. It was constructed by SM Entertainment to essentially flex their accomplishments and sell unique merchandise to fans in an innovative and entertaining way. One facet to the SMTOWN experience that I would love to visit one day is SM’s cafe and market.

SMTOWN’s cafe, like most cafes these days, prioritizes striking aesthetics before hitting your taste buds with flavor. The idea is a smart one: the cafe welcomes you to enjoy everything with all five senses.

You see your favorite idol’s desserts (the themed cupcakes are a must-have); taste the eccentricity on your tongue, smell the sugary goodness, and do so all while listening to your favorite SM anthems on full blast. It’s an immersive concept that’s designed for K-pop fans. As a die-hard Shawol, one day I’ll pay this lavish cafe a visit and report back with a full account of what it’s like to step foot inside SM’s universe. Until then, live vicariously with me through this wonderful walk-through of SMTOWN’s Café by YouTuber dearnessie. From EXO seaweed snacks to Red Velvet nuts: it’s K-pop heaven for foodies!

To see more of what the SMTOWN Cafe & Market has to offer, check out their Instagram. For even more snacks, follow SnackFever on Instagram for daily updates of what we’re munching on!

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