Happy Pepero Day Daebak-Fam!

Happy Pepero Day Daebak-Fam!

Hi Daebak-Fam!

Do you know what Pepero is? Pepero is a thin cookie in stick form with a chocolate covered outer layer on one end of the stick. It’s a great snack to take with you when you go to school, on a picnic, or to your room for some late night snacking — Pepero can be enjoyed anywhere! For many of us, the typical Pepero flavors include Almond, Chocolate (Original), Strawberry, and White Chocolate Cookie. My go to, personally, is the Almond flavor! 

Though we all immediately go to our favorite flavors at the convenience store, down below are some unique flavors you may have not heard about, but should definitely try.

Fun Flavors:


From left to right we have: Calamansi Yogurt Pepero, Nude Cheese, Pepero Melon Pepero, Nude Cream Cheese Pepero, and Double Dip Sweet Potato Pepero!

Have you tried any of these Pepero flavors? Let us know! If you would like to try Pepero, check out our Daebak Convenience Store for more information. 

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