Green Tea Caramels Are The Sweetest Candies In (Korea) Town

Green Tea Caramels Are The Sweetest Candies In (Korea) Town

There are caramels...and then there are GREEN TEA caramels. Welcome to a whole 'nother level of amazing!

by Cari Kamja 

Korean snackers have always been fans of caramel (along with all of these classic American treats) but they just took their chewy treats to a whole new level with green tea caramels. Morinaga Caramels are originally from Japan, but have seen great success in Korea especially with the new love of all-things retro. These candies have been around since 1913!

Until now, though, the caramels stuck to the classic caramel taste -- buttery sugary goodness all wrapped up in a chewy cube that melts in your mouth (or seriously messed up your braces...). That is why the candy world turned on its head recently when Korean convenience stores suddenly had these bad boys on the shelf: Green Tea Caramel (맛차카라멜).

The chic, timeless packaging makes it a dream for Snack-stagrammers, and for green tea addicts like myself this is a dream come true! The slightly bitter taste of green tea powder, combined with the super-sweet caramel has got to be absolutely delicious. With Korea's latest obsession with jellies and chewy candy, these little green boxes are flying off the shelf!

It takes some serious self control to eat these in two bites. I would definitely be popping these guys in my mouth like popcorn! The candy company has also released another flavor that seems to be a lot harder to find in Korea.  If you're lucky enough to find one, you're in for a rare treat! Can you guess what the flavor of the pink caramel is?

Strawberry? Grapefruit?  Maybe it's Cherry Blossom flavored?

It's RED BEAN! If you've ever had pat-bing-su, you know that "pat" means red bean in Korean. These caramels are made using those sweet beans so often used in Korean and Japanese desserts. I can't imagine what the taste would be like but one thing is for sure: I want to try it.

Which of these do you want to try? I know that I am so ready for the green tea ones!

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