GFriend Turns Heads with 'A Tale of the Glass Bead' Comeback Teaser

GFriend Turns Heads with 'A Tale of the Glass Bead' Comeback Teaser

GFriend has released an exclusive teaser for their upcoming comeback entitled A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previous Story. The trailer marks the start of promotions for their forthcoming album, Labyrinth, set to be released on February 3. The group first announced the comeback through a Billboard article on January 15. GFriend’s entertainment company, Source Music, released a timetable for their comeback on its official Twitter account. 

The one minute and fifty-eight-second trailer begins with a black screen followed by a girl's narration in English. With a delicate tone, she begins: "We were born and raised here. Together." The screen then shows the GFriend members under a big tree and a bird’s-eye-view of the girls waving. The scene is accompanied by a mellow piano instrumental. Following this, the members are seen running happily across a bridge above the water. The girl's narration continues: "We lived ordinary lives, happy for being together.

The teaser shows scenes from GFriend's previous music videos, starting with “Love Whisper,” a song from their Parallel EP. The clip features the girls in the forest, and Yerin whispering into SinB's ear. The next scene is from their debut song, "Glass Bead,” in which the members are seen in high school uniforms, having fun with each other. The third music video is “Rough” from their third EP Snowflake. Continuing the high school theme, the members are seen biking during the wintertime. The scene transitions into the vibrant colors from their song "Sunrise," a single from their second studio album Time for Us. Material objects such as a chandelier and a telephone fill the screen, followed by time-lapses of the sky, sunrise, and the moon. Accompanying the scene was the narrator's voice, saying: "The sun rose and set, the tides ebbed and flowed.

Another scene from “Love Whisper” appears, showing the members dancing in white flowy dresses around a small lake. The narrator continues: "And from a lake in the village, we were gifted small abilities." From "Fingertip," on GFriend’s THE AWAKENING, the members can be seen having special powers. The narrator adds, "Each of us appreciated our own power, but couldn't help being envious of the others." Fans claim that Eunha hinted back in 2017 that the storyline for this comeback is inspired by Pan's Labyrinth, a fantasy movie released in 2006.

The members are seen being playful in a scene from “Navillera” from GFriend’s debut album, LOL. Matching the scene, the narrator recited: “Envy is like a seed planted in our hearts, growing on its own without water or care, twisting its vines amongst us.” It then transitions back to "Fingertip," where Sowon can be seen holding a red gun and pointing it at SinB whose back is turned against Yerin's. The tense aura accompanied by the worried faces opposes the joyous vibe of "Navillera." The narrator follows with "We were divided, our backs turned on each other." Sowon is seen pulling the trigger and shoots SinB, who falls to the ground, and glass beads fall out. 

In a scene from "Time For the Moon Night," Eunha is seen staring out a window as the narrator begins: "It's strange being alone. Then it occurred to me. Was the power a blessing or a curse?" The screen turns black and transitions back to "Fingertip" as the narrator ends with "Wishing we could turn back time. We stand at a crossroads." Eunha is sitting on the floor beside her bed, holding a small notebook. On a page, she drew a butterfly accompanied by the question: "Where are you?"  

Fans are creating theories regarding the storyline of this teaser. They claim that the members were gifted special powers by the butterfly, as seen in the music video for "Love Whisper." The members start to get envious of each other and try to attack one another, as seen in "Fingertip." Fans are speculating that the members are trapped in the "Labyrinth" and that Eunha is Ariadne of Greek mythology. She is said to bring all the members back, and whether she succeeds might be revealed in the group’s upcoming music video. 

We can't wait to see what GFriend has in store for us this comeback! Catch Labyrinth on February 3! 

What are your thoughts on GFriend’s trailer? Comment down below! 

Cover Image: GFriend (Source Music/Big Hit Labels)
Written by Frances Eusebio

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