Get Your Brunch on at BimBom!

Get Your Brunch on at BimBom!

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? A nice meal at noon with your loved ones, great food from breakfast or lunch — it’s a good time! Some restaurants love the concept and specialize in this lovely meal time. BimBom Cafe is a great place to get your fill of brunch atmosphere in Korea. This cozy restaurant serves plenty of foods during breakfast and late lunch that both look and taste good. Let’s dive in!

When it comes to breakfast, BimBom serves up the classics. Their most well-known dish is a three-tiered tray with three classic breakfast foods on each layer. On the bottom is a crepe with bacon, eggs, and greens on top — a nice, filling dish with all your food groups inside. The middle layer consists of two dishes: mushroom Eggs Benedict and tomato meatball stew. On the top goes your bread favorite: french toast with fresh fruit on top. It comes with two drinks of choice. It’s a great option if you’re sharing and want the whole experience.

If you don’t need the big meal, you can also get single dishes. If you’re a fan of eggs, you can get things like Egg Benedict, frittata, or eggs to your liking. If you want breads, they have pancakes that come with fruit and meat. They also have french toast, sweet and savory crepes, and English muffins. Whichever your preference is, they have all kinds of options with plenty of local ingredients!

Lunch is important, too. If you’re looking for a meal later in the afternoon or for something on the lunch side of brunch, BimBom has plenty of options. Our plant-based friends can find watermelon salad and tasty potato and radish soup. You can also find an abundance of pasta dishes here. One dish comes with spaghetti and prawns, another comes with tomatoes and olives on top of the pasta, and they also have a meat lasagna.

BimBom is a nice, minimalistic restaurant that’s perfect for a nice brunch with your friends or family. There’s plenty of options for everyone, many of them including organic vegetables. If you’re able to make it out to Itaewon, it’s definitely a must-try. Be careful, though, it is a popular place that fills up fast so plan accordingly and brunch safe!

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Written by Chey Olexa

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