Former K-pop Idol Now Runs A Successful Churros Cafe In Korea

Former K-pop Idol Now Runs A Successful Churros Cafe In Korea

From K-pop idol to Churros idol

by MC Josik 

I've gone from selling stocks in London to selling snacks in LA. This former K-pop idol, Cho Hyunyoung, of the disbanded girl group, Rainbow, has gone from being a Kpop idol to running a successful churros cafe, Sweet Churros, in the trendy neighborhood of Apgujeong in Gangnam, Seoul. How life changes, huh! Koreans are going crazy for churros, so much so that they've even come up with the chips version, Churroz (츄럿) which has gone viral. This is also one of SnackFever's best selling snacks.  

#오랜만에 #앞머리자름 #데헷 #나좀어려보이는듯 ㅎㅎㅎ #chohyunyoung #조현영 #현영

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This looks so yummy.  

#2AM #창민 님께서 #스윗츄러스 에 방문하셔서 인증샷을 남겨주셨습니다 ?

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Even 2AM's Changmin is a fan.  


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This one's a different Sweet Churros in the Koreatown of Manhattan, New York.  
Coffee, ice cream and churros. Dream come true.  
Churros dipped in chocolate...Soooo good.  
Look at all these people lining up. It's crazy!  
Even celebrities like Jung Jun Ha!  
Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to include fresh churros in our boxes but in the meantime, why not try the chips version, Churroz, which is just as good? You can find them here in our beta shop.

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