Food Tour with Seo Kang-Joon 平

Food Tour with Seo Kang-Joon 平

Ever wonder what your favorite K-celebs are eating lately? Look no further than their social media! The familiar faces we know and love from Korean entertainment occasionally turn to SNS to share photo-worthy foods, delivering a double helping of aesthetics and taste, and giving fans a closer look into what theyd most likely be found eating for lunch. Lets take a trip through treats from Korea and beyond, and who knows? Maybe well find our next spark of snackspiration!

Seo Kang-joon is a rising actor in the Korean drama industry and a singer in the group 5urprise. Gaining popularity in the 2016 drama, Cheese in the Trap, and leading in other shows such as The Third Charm (2018) and Are You Human Too? (2018); he has become a focus in many Korean gossip magazines and talk shows. In many of his roles and guest appearances, food is involved. So without further ado, here is a list of the top Seo Kang-joon moments with food try not to fall in love with him!

  • If I Eat, Die?

Seo Kang-joon made an appearance in Law of the Jungle (a Korean reality-documentary show) in 2016. In the season, he and his team were sent to Tonga to survive ship-wrecks, explore the depths of the untouched jungles, and learn about traditions with a Tonga tribe. In the midst of the adventure, Seo Kang-joon's knowledge of tropical fruit and English are put to test. The clip shows an adorable Seo Kang-joon trying to figure out if the fruit he has is edible, and translating to the other team members who do not understand English. Walking boots and sun hats out, who wants to go on a trip with him?

  • Lee Guk-joos Dumplings

Lee Guk-joo is one of the funniest comedians out there, so it is unsurprising that a meet-up with Seo Kang-joon would end up making everyone laugh at how hilarious it is, and swoon over how cute the actor is. The comedian makes Kang-joon pizza dumplings and fruit dumplings, and he proceeds to rate them. Needless to say, their entire date is enough for viewers to adore both personalities.

  • Call Off the Wedding!

Are You Human Too? is a show that truly showcased Seo Kang-joons acting, as he had to play two different characters - and one of these characters had to switch between his personality and the other characters personality. Confusing, right? Well, Kang-joon delivered the performance beautifully. This scene depicts what a family reunion for an arranged marriage looks like, with formal garments and a banquet of food reflecting the families status. Due to this, expensive food, such as Korean pork and Korean seafood are served, reflecting wealth. In fact, the meal should consist of all types of food: appetizers, land food, sea food, grains and sweet food.

  • I Love Spice ...right?

The Third Charm is a series with some of the funniest scenes. In one of these, Seo Kang-joons character, who can not eat spice at all, tries to impress the girl he loves by eating an incredibly spicy pepper, making him faint. Although this is for comedic effect, viewers of the show learn that Korean cuisine can be very spicy! Dishes such as nakji bokkeum and tteok-boki are very popular in South Korea, and also quite spicy.

  • Goobne Chicken Feast

Goobne Chicken is a Korean roast chicken restaurant all over East Asia. In 2015, at the start of Seo Kang-joons rise to fame, he appeared in an ad for the popular chicken brand, alongside Kang Sora. Not only did this make many of his fans mouths water, it also helped him gain more popularity. Goobne chicken is still very popular, very healthy, and a must try for anyone who visits South Korea!

This concludes our list of moments Seo Kang-joon is spotted with food! It is clear the actor enjoys all sorts of food, and now you know what you can eat when youre not sure what you fancy! Have you tried any of the food mentioned? Have you watched any Seo Kang-joon K-dramas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover Image: Seo Kang-joon
Written by Lucille Bamber

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