Food Tour with Mingyu of SEVENTEEN

Food Tour with Mingyu of SEVENTEEN

Ever wonder what your favorite K-celebs are eating lately? Look no further than their social media! The familiar faces we know and love from Korean entertainment occasionally turn to SNS to share photo-worthy foods, delivering a double helping of aesthetics and taste, and giving fans a closer look into what they’d most likely be found eating for lunch. Let’s take a trip through treats from Korea and beyond, and who knows? Maybe we’ll find our next spark of snackspiration!

It’s once again time for another food tour with another wonderful idol. This is the perfect chance to follow up on what Korean idols have been up to in their foodie adventures. Let's explore the Instagram of SEVENTEEN’s one and only Kim Mingyu! However, before diving into our first tasty treat, here's a brief introduction: SEVENTEEN is a boy group containing a whopping thirteen members under the company label Pledis Entertainment, in which Mingyu is a lead rapper. The group's latest single "HIT" was released August 5, 2019. Enough backstory, let’s get into the food!

  • Corn Dogs

When you’re in the mood for a late night meal, a corn dog can be just the thing to cure your hunger. The corn dog that Mingyu is having is special to Korea; their corn dogs have a layer of sugar-coated crust and the filling sometimes contains cheese, a perfect combination of savory and sweet. It is a mystery if any cheese filling is in the corn dogs that Mingyu is eating, but he seems pretty happy to have them!

  • Fresh Cream Cake

Around the world, one of the most popular desserts to have at a celebration is cake, and Korea is no exception! One of the most popular cakes to give out at birthdays is the ssaeng cream, or fresh cream, cake. It’s a simply sweet way of showing your appreciation for the one celebrating their birth. Mingyu is one of many who received this type of cake, showing how much his members care for him. It appears as though one of his favorite fruits may be strawberries, too!

  • Tornado Potato

The tornado potato had taken Instagram by storm a few years back as the surprising spin of what is potato on a stick. It is cut in a spiral and then deep-fried on a stick, a portable comfort food! This is a popular street snack you can find throughout Korea. Mingyu is having a beautifully spiraled tornado potato with some ice cream dots, another way of mixing salty and sweet.

  • Salad

For anyone who wants to have a healthy meal, a salad is one of the best things to eat, and it can be a side dish or a main course! Mingyu seems to be enjoying his salad an appetizer. The salad he is eating is simple with greens from different lettuces, but there is so much you can do with a salad. Add in fruits, veggies, and meats to liven up the meal and then top it all off with your favorite dressings to create a salad perfect just for you!

  • Pizza and Chicken Wings

A hearty meal consists of pizza and chicken wings, or that’s what Mingyu thinks! Many people know that he harbors a large appetite so it comes as no surprise that he would be eating this much. The pairing of chicken wings and pizza are a match made in heaven. Think about it, the benefits of both foods is that you can mix and match flavors, like changing the toppings on the pizza or different sauces for chicken wings. No matter what, it’s going to be good!

Mingyu is known in the group to be the one who eats the most, so we can look forward to more images of food as time goes on. It can be fun to follow what types of goodies idols are munching on, maybe you have had some of the same things, too.

What have been some of your favorite foods you’ve seen idols snacking on in their Instagram posts? Comment below!

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Cover Image: Mingyu of SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Avery Souders

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